Thursday, December 26, 2013

Blind Item #3

Apparently this B list mostly movie actor who would have been a mostly television actor two years ago really has issues with commitment. Not that long ago he started cheating all the time and bailed on a B list mostly television actress from a hit show when she got serious. Right now he is saying all the right things about his maybe soon to be nominated for an Oscar actress girlfriend but things have got really serious and our actor has been spotted at strip clubs more frequently getting special VIP lap dances with his choice of ending.


Kristin Wigs said...

VIP is handing out lap dances?

Kristin Wigs said...

It was reading like Jason Sudekis and January Jones until the part about a possible Oscar nom, which.... Heh.

Bacon Ranch said...

Is Segel dating anyone?

TalksTooMuch said...

I'm telling you, that is a whole other category of sex worker. Look under "e" or "h". Or just on The Dirty

Jennabean said...

Nick hoult and j law?

Zelda Zonk said...

That was my thought, he was on Skins and other TV, but they've been dating off and on for while

Zelda Zonk said...

With Victoria Justice as the TV actress

beth said...

Looking at the Golden Globes nominees, I just don't see anyone that this could be referring to. JLaw is the only even possible fit... but it really doesn't work. Is their an expected oscar nomineed not nominated for a GG? (Usually all the favorites are since they split the categories to create more nominees...)

Best Actress – Motion Picture Drama
Cate Blanchett -- married
Sandra Bullock -- no known significant other
Judi Dench, "Philomena" -- husband died; no s.o.; wrong age bracket
Emma Thompson, "Saving Mr. Banks" -- married
Kate Winslet, "Labor Day" -- married

Best Actress – Motion Picture Musical or Comedy
Amy Adams, "American Hustle" -- been w/ s.o. for a decade
Julie Delpy, "Before Midnight" -- recently split from husband; no known s.o.
Greta Gerwig, "Frances Ha" -- s.o. is Noah Bambauch; married until recently & not actor
Julia Louis-Dreyfus, "Enough Said" -- married
Meryl Streep, "August: Osage County" -- married

Best Supporting Actress
Sally Hawkins, "Blue Jasmine" -- no known s.o.
Jennifer Lawrence, "American Hustle" -- already has oscar win & nom, so soon to be description would be weird; has been dating nicholas hoult off & on for awhile; his only tv is ages ago; he has no prior girlfriend who fits the blind
Lupita Nyong'o, "12 Years A Slave" -- no known s.o.
Julia Roberts, "August: Osage County" -- married
June Squibb, "Nebraska" -- she's 84!

Susan Bahns said...

good job beth. excellent.

Sugar said...

I just saw Francis Ha a few weeks ago. I had never heard of it before and am surprised that it got a nomination. Not that I didn't like it or think it was a good movie but it just seemed like a quiet little movie that no one heard of.

Jennabean said...

I like that Zelda. And
I never had
Anybody agree with me! I'm so excited.

sandybrook said...

Beth we need you in the research Dept more often

B626 said...

Sarah Paulson was on American Horror Story last year, getting Oscar buzz for the 12 years a slave movie.dont know who the douche guy is.

lizness said...

Sarah Paulson is a lesbian, so it wouldn't be her

OneGirlRevolution said...

Granted, Nicholas Hoult hasn't done TV in more than 2 years but, until 2 years ago (X-men First Class) he was known primarily as a TV actor.

OKay said...

Whoever this guy is, he's an idiot. He bails when it gets serious, meaning that he actually has the capacity to love (in Hollywood!) and then he punishes the woman for HIS emotions. Nut up, boyo. What a tool.

Jacq said...

Yeah! Where is that betch?! She's got some explaining to do!

A. C. said...

First thought of Nick/JLaw but then kept thinking of Naomi Watts/Liev Schreiber.

di butler said...

Hoult Lawrence


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