Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Random Photos Part Five

And the paps earned their money today taking photos of Brangelina and the kids.

Bryce Dallas Howard has the joy on her face you would expect during a surprise moment in a Hallmark Christmas movie.
Cindy Crawford is sunning during the holidays.
Celine Dion hit the dollar store looking for gifts.
Courtney Stodden went out with some guy who is under 60 so she has no interest which is why she wore clothes.
Dave Annable finishing his shopping.
Dave Navarro has given up shopping and replaced it with smoking.
More grocery shopping from Eva Mendes.
Ewan McGregor gets ready to flash the world.
Emmy Rossum does the walk of exercise shame. Doesn't want her face to be shown for some reason.


Anonymous said...

I adore emmy's outfit.

Pazazz said...

I wanna smack Courtney for having that bag with that outfit.

Jason Blue Eyes said...

Even at Christmas Enty can't say anything nice about Emmy Rossum.

Jessie said...

Do you guys remember when fake LV was EVERYWHERE?

Pazazz said...

Now it's fake MK

Frufra said...

I love Bryce's coat!

Brenda L said...

I am with Dave Navarro, fuck the shopping, let's smoke it up!

The Real Dragon said...

JUst wanted to say Happy Christmas eve

Kate0704 said...

No wedding ring for Celine??

RF said...

Why such hatred towards Emmy Rossum? She's extremely multi-talented and other than the snark written here, she doesn't seem to bother anyone else. Is it because she's not dancing on tables and getting arrested every other day?

Jason Blue Eyes said...

Yeah, I don't get it either RF. Emmy is one of my favorites. Maybe she gave Enty a dirty look once. At least he's posting her photos which is more than he's doing for Olivia Thirlby who wasn't nice to him one time.

Oh well. Pa-rum-pa-pum-pum.

surfer said...

Fake MK? Please, MK copied Hermes. As did many other brands.


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