Friday, December 27, 2013

Random Photos Part Four

Kimora Simmons is still in the Caribbean and seems pretty happy about it.

Malin Akerman walks the streets of Beverly Hills with her mom and baby.
Meanwhile, Matthew M is still in Brazil with his youngest and got poured on.
Martha Stewart when she was 14 in front of her Christmas tree.
Audrina Patridge is still in Hawaii.
Between 60-70 people were bitten by piranhas in Argentina. Piranhas On A Plane is coming.
Rose Byrne picked up a couple of bucks while at home for Christmas in Australia.
Long time no see in the photos for Ricky Gervais.
Rihanna shows off her Taylor Swift line of bikini bottoms.


Kassandra said...

Okay, seriously - those bikini bottoms on Ri aren't doing her any favors. Was there no mirror available to her when she put these on?

In fact, i'm not sure they'd look good on ANYONE.

OneEyeCharlie said...

I need to follow Kimora's lead and finds a rich man to marry and divorce. Then I could be down in the Caribbean right now instead of busting my ass shoveling snow. It would probably help if I were gay. Too old to learn?

LoMo said...

RiRi and Cara Delevigne both in Barbados? Let the rumours begin!

TalksTooMuch said...

Never too old, Charlie!

I'm TIRED of these mofo piranhas on this mofo plane! Don't know if it has the same ring...

Seven of Eleven said...

Best comment on the piranha article: "Don't go swimming because the fish will try and eat you. At what point does that sound like a challenge rather than an instruction?"

I love Martha Stewart. Just love her. Goop's hard time wish list would look like Pablo Escobar's shopping list.

Flashy Vic said...

@LoMo, I may be very much a lone voice here but as a keen enthusiast of lezzer porn if Rihanna & that Eugene Levy browed Delvagina girl were tribbing in my back yard then I don't think I could bother my arse to open the kitchen blinds.
A more overrated pair of hounds it would be difficult to find.

Brenda L said...

This homie has stopped doing "beach swimming" can't see what's in the water with you.

That being said....aren't piranhas fresh water fishies?

Flashy Vic said...

It was a beach on a river,Brenda.

Glitter said...

Why is Rihanna in the pics everyday?

Unknown said...

Have to say I have never seen Kimora look so genuinely happy - usually it is fake happy or grumpy.

I am sure the Barbados paps are going to be all over RiRi while she is at home, she is like royalty there. And hey that's what you call a retro bathing suit bottom the kind worn by Marilyn Monroe and other starlets of that era and into the 1960s.

I thought the big nasty piranha were only in the Amazon river or other rivers in the rain forest of South America. But talk about a horror movie come to life.

When we were kids, my brothers had a piranha that almost jumped out of its tank more than once.

They threw the piranha out in the cold winter in the snow after the last attempt, bit cruel really, but I had nightmares that the piranha would adapt and mutate into a giant piranha and attack the house to seek his revenge LOL.

Wen said...

Audrina's stomach looks more like a lypo stomach than a work out stomach.

parissucksliterally said...

Ugh, Rhianna's bikini bottoms are AWFUL.

Who gives a flying fuck about Ceiling Eyes?

Bubbles said...

The fish in the water in Argentina have teeth but are NOT piranhas.

Sherry said...

Thank you Bubbles. Please educate because Enty and other media is all about the sensationalism.

Cornbread said...

@Tina, there's actually a "horror" movie called Piranha: 3D. I'm thinking it isn't that old, released within the last 10 years? Too lazy to IMDB.

And I also think Audrina's stomach is beginning to resemble Tara Reid's.

We have barracudas where I grew up, and I remember when we'd go snorkeling in the summer, my mom always told us not to wear anything shiny.


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