Sunday, August 05, 2018

Blind Items Revealed #2

July 26, 2018

Our favorite former Disney star turned A-/B+ list actress/future porn star is finally starting to try and do some good with her position and place in the showbiz world. She knows that a certain award show is entirely there for the men in power to find very young teens and women to prey on and she wants no part. As someone who has been groped and assaulted at the event, she knows better than others how gross it is.

Bella Thorne


Lady Leaves said...

Is it Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards or that Young Artist Award thing?

Unknown said...

Teen Choice Awards. Peak sleaze was producers openly perving on Millie Bobbie Brown. After parties with 13 year olds doing lines of coke and being carted off to hotel rooms. All out in the open and no one gives a fuck.


Please reference yesterday's enthusiastic 100+ comment tirade on how institutional Hollywood pedophilia simply doesn't exist from someone who knows how to eat from the Media Matters trough and has ample reason to do so

Btw David Brock is a pedophile. "You're just tossing random names out!" Sure. Yeah. That's it.

IanPhlegming said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
DumDumPop said...

What does Pizzagate have to do with this blind?

hunter said...

You're the first to mention it, how about you tell us?

DumDumPop said...

Are you talking to me? Lmao....cuz if you are you clearly have shit for brains and don't know how to read. There was a comment before mines that mentioned Pizzagate, which is why I asked. Looks like my comment scared them off. So if I insulted one of your many sock accounts, I truly apologize for exposing you. Now Kindly go back to being irrelevant, thank you!

Gylly said...

Ease down, Ripley

Paul Saint John said...

It's the parents of the kids who should give a fuck, first and foremost. And the LAPD sure gives zero fucks.

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