Saturday, April 17, 2021

Blind Item #8 - Reader Blind - 90's Limo Driver

The driver arrived to pick up this A list mostly television actor (now deceased) from an acting family and take him to LAX from the San Fernando Valley. A party was in progress and the actor was madly playing an upright piano. The actor’s B list brother was there too. Everyone was inebriated. The actor’s very flirtatious wife insisted that the driver have a beer and she even kissed him on the lips. Time was getting tight and the driver tried to hurry the actor and his wife along, but they were in no hurry. A separate van arrived to take the luggage. The actor finally rose from the piano and began fighting with his wife about whether they were going to take their dog, Sasquatch along. As you can imagine, a dog named Sasquatch is not small and did not want to be put in the largest dog carrier the driver had ever seen. The actor, his wife, and the driver spent several minutes trying to corral the dog into the carrier. Finally, they were off, and the driver pushed the stretch limo 90+mph down the 405 with the luggage van right behind. The Canadian airline held the plane at the gate and they made it to LAX 5 minutes late. A rep from the airline met the actor at the curb to usher him and his wife to the flight. The actor got out of the car and stared vacantly at the sky, as if in a zen state.

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