Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Today's Blind Items - Groupies

 I will tell you straight upfront this has nothing to do with JFK and is probably not someone who would be in your top five guesses. Prior to ascending to the A++ list office, this politician only had affairs with women he hired to work in his office. They knew they would need to have sex with him to keep their job. He had a high turnover rate because he would get bored or they would get tired of having sex with him. When he became an A++ lister he continued the secretary tradition, but soon discovered he had groupies. A lot of them. There were women wherever he went to speak that wanted to be with him. He had staffers competing much like roadies to find women that would be willing to have sex with him. He would hand out favors to those who found the most women or women he especially loved. When I talk about favors, I mean as in hey, you want this job or that job or be a Consul General somewhere. He liked throwing out those perks. It was crazy and totally unexpected from what you read about him today. This is a 20th century A++ lister.

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