Monday, April 12, 2021

Today's Blind Items - Tales From The Background

Except for making the tips blind, I left them in the words of the tipster.

1 - Permanent A list comic actor - Heard he could be a bit prickly, but: On an exterior shot for ___________________, a woman walked right into the shot on the sidewalk, pushing a stroller with two other kids and her mortified husband in tow. She did this for the purpose of telling our actor how much she had loved him in a very hit movie with a sequel.

I expected fireworks, but instead he swept her off the set in such a manner that she didn't even know it had happened. He was gracious, friendly and appreciative as he walked to the street and she followed him. This woman will tell her kid for years how the actor thought her baby was the most beautiful baby in the world.

This was the same day that he got his COVID shot, so everything was running late. The director was pissed, but the actor was professional to the core.

2 - Former A-/B+ list actor from a family of actors. - Got the background booted to a separate holding area on the set of _______________ (card game) after he heard somebody crack a joke about the sequel to a spider movie.

We all thought it was funny...

3 - A list mostly movie actor who is in a comic universe - Walked through holding on the set of ___________________ (pay cable limited series) and a young woman fan girled so hard that he came over to our table and said nice things to everybody. On a different day, he took a young girl through the soundstage on a tour, like you would for your friend's friend's kid, seemed very nice as he showed her how a set works.

4 - A list actress on a hit streaming show - Nicest principal I've ever worked with. Can curse like a sailor, but its very cute coming from the girl next door.

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