Friday, June 04, 2021

Four For Friday - Boy Band Bad Behavior

It is that time of the year. Beginning Monday and continuing every weekday until Reveal Day, I will post Reader Photos in Random Photos. If you would like to be included, email your photo to

#1 - This boy band was one of the first in this modern era. They were notorious for never taking no for an answer. They were probably the worst at sexually assaulting teens and women.

#2 - This boy band was known for beating up boyfriends of women they wanted to have sex with. It shares a common bond with #1.

#3 - This foreign boy band is much more recent. They were known for trashing their dressing room if they didn't think the coke was up to par.

#4 - This alliterate boy band would get hammered drunk and have nights where they agree to use everything but toilets to relieve themselves. Hotel rooms, dressing rooms, buses, inside restaurants. It was bad.

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