Tuesday, June 01, 2021

Today's Blind Items - Get Rid Of It

Back in the day, this A++ lister was paranoid. He knew from experience that unless you completely destroyed things, people would discover them. You couldn't just hide evidence, you had to destroy it. He felt the same way about bodies. Don't bury them or dump them in a swamp or body of water. Burn them. Makes sure there is no chance it can come back and bite you. He wanted a government repository where everything could be collected and burned. One of his team found the perfect place. An underground area that once set on a fire, would be a permanent incinerator for anything that needed to disappear permanently. Documents and bodies were the most popular. The bodies were actually spies or presumed spies or in the wrong place at the wrong time people all from Europe at the height of the cold war. They were flown from Europe and dumped in the incinerator. At least two successor A++ listers continued to use it. If you believe the rumors, the set of the Moon landing ended up in it too. Oh, the place is still burning too and ready for use.

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