Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Quit Or Fired?

Oprah Winfrey reminds me of the guy who says he wasn't fired, and even if he had been, it didn't matter because he was going to quit anyway. Showing that Oprah is not infallible, her show Big Give was given the big kick out the door by ABC and so won't be coming back to your television screens this fall.

Of course, Oprah's people didn't quite see it the same way you or I would see it. Her spokesperson told US Weekly, "Oprah felt like she got a message out there. It was not something she wanted to renew."

Uh huh. So this was just a one time thing huh? How come she didn't say that going in then? I'll tell you why. Because she wanted the show to go on forever. No one likes to see something fail miserably. Why do you think she has kept Dr. Phil under her wing for so long. She can't admit now that he is a loon because she told the world he was the best. Rachael Ray? Next time check on the entire family before you sign someone. What can Oprah do? She squeals with giddiness when she says Rachael's name in public and then goes home and abuses whoever gave her the idea to put Rachael on the air and that her husband was a real winner and a real asset to Rachael.

Now, Oprah could just make this all better by putting the show on her network, but no one would come. Stars will come look like big heroes and cough up dough on primetime network television, but not so much a cable channel that is rarely watched. No one would know how much the stars loved people if they had to do it on the downlow.


Reese said...

Is this the first time Oprah has heard the word "no"? I'm sure it was a shock to her. This along with her diminished popularity since she started shoving her support for Barack Obama down everyone's throats must be rather stunning to her. Glad to see it finally happening; long overdue and richly deserved.

Anonymous said...

Opa lost her medus touch. I don't like Dr. Phil always thought he was a quack and Rachael Ray can't stand her voice. Opa never liked her either that's why I am not one of her zombies watching her shows or recording it.

RagDoll said...

...the hell? Of all the websites in the world, THIS is the one with the hot-chick readership? Who knew. Seriously, though...two beautiful brunettes looking at us from across the room...it writes itself, ladies ;)

Lori Loughlin is enrolled in the Cindy Crawford School of Not Aging. Bernadette Peters is their patron saint at that school...

princess pea said...

Eh. Whatever respect I may have had for Opes, I lost the day she ambushed James Frey, all because she felt "humilated."

Karma's a bitch.

Anonymous said...

That show was doomed before it even started. I wasn't about to watch it, knowing that most of Oprah's charity works are so egocentric that they end up doing a lot of harm with the good...like the time she gave her audience free cars, but also the 6000 in fees and taxes or so if they intended to keep it. I bet most of them sold off the cars to pay off the gift tax! And don't get me started on that ridiculous girls school in Africa. She could have educated three African nations with that money, and chose to go the pretentious route.


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