Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Well At Least She Can Get A Tell All Book Out Of It

At the Playmate Of The Year lunch last week, Holly Madison appeared crushed. No, one of her boobs didn't deflate, but instead she learned a valuable life lesson. When you date a guy, if he hasn't married you after 7 years, he probably is never going to. Holly Madison is the main girlfriend of Hugh Hefner's three, and after dating Hef for seven years she realizes she is no closer to getting married than she was at the time they first started dating.

She was practically in tears when a reporter asked Hef how come he didn't marry Holly and he said, “I love Holly very much and I think we’re going to be together the rest of my life. But marriage isn’t part of my puzzle. It’s not a personal thing; I just haven’t had much luck with marriages.”

At this point though Holly is kind of stuck. She just has to hope that Hef takes care of her in his will, or trust, but it is going to be much less than it would be if they got married. She knows this. She has worked on this project for seven years and now she has been told publicly that there isn't going to be a payoff. Does she love him? Oh, I'm sure she does, but I also know that in the back of her mind she is saying what every woman would say, and that is that she wasted her entire twenties on a guy who she thought was marriage material and instead just wanted to f**k her, and her two friends.

OK, well most of you wouldn't have the last problem. I don't think Holly really does either. There is no way that Kendra has ever f**ked Hef. No way and no how. Bridget? What do you think? Maybe one day she gave him a little something for his birthday? Maybe I could see that, but mostly it has been Holly.

I have said it before and I will say it again. A guy is not going to marry you if you date longer than five years. If you do get married it will be because you beat him into it and so he will resent it. Now, I'm not including college years in this equation, but just because a guy is 75 when you start dating doesn't make him any different than any other guy except he could die on you. Literally.

The problem is if Hef holds on for another 10-15 years which is likely because I think he really wants to make it to 100 and have the birthday party to end birthday parties, Holly will be maybe in her 40's and still no marriage. Well, what are going to be her chances of true love at that point? None. Oh, she'll find a guy and marry the first one who asks, but it won't be love and she won't have kids and she will just be someone who used to be someone and join the long list of people who have got suckered into 20 years of dating with no payoff.


HthrHllywd said...

Well I'm guilty of watching the girls next door...I love that show. And I love Holly.

But isn't Hef still legally 'married' to the mother of his two young boys that live next door to him anyway?

HthrHllywd said...
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SHE SHE said...

Who wants to screw guys old enough to fart dust - other than for $$$$$$$? I just don't get it! Blech!

Mother Campfire said...

Ah, you're wrong. I just went to a wedding this weekend of a couple who've been 'dating' for 12 years and they're very much in love. They just finally got around to making it legal. My parents got married after 7 years of 'dating'. And these are just people I know...there are plenty out there who dont view dating someone longer than 5 years a 'waste' of their time.

If anything, Holly probably just wants to make it official so she can control Playboy when he croaks and I can understand that. She seems to really respect Playboy and the process of putting an issue together.

*sigh* Yes, sadly, I watch too.

Sinjin said...

Bwahahahaahahaha! Serves her right! They are all superficial, dumb skanks. And yes, he is still married to the 2nd wife. I suppose he will stay legally married so there is no chance he can marry Holly Golddigger. And he will give Playboy to his daughter. Holly will never be more than a worker bee for that company. What a twit. I wish I could've watched that scene on tv though.

jlb said...

LOL My father is still legally married to my mother even though they've been split up for over 16 years - he says it's his best excuse for when the women he dates want to get serious.

MnGddess said...

I dated my husband for 5 years, then we broke up, then we got back together, then I got pregnant which finally got me married. And no, I did not get pregnant on purpose. I've always felt he resented me for forcing his hand. He is talking divorce but not until my youngest graduates from high school. So while I think there are exceptions, I tend to agree with Enty. Just a sad situation all around.

As for Holly, I would never, EVER date a guy who is STILL LEGALLY MARRIED. That's a huge tip off right there.

KS said...

kimberly hefner said on his e true hollywood story that they were still married and she was not going to be giving him a divorce.

Amber said...

She does seem like a good person.. but hard to tell just watching a tv show.

Anonymous said...

mng why wait when your kid graduates. If he wants out kick him to the curb and get him for what you can. Screw him hehehe.

I got married 3 years ago this is my second marriage. Very happy with #2. First marriage lasted close to 9 years finally had the guts to leave him. Took me a while to get used to the idea of being divorce. I had very old fashion ideas about it. Now I am happy being out of that marriage and very happy with my second husband. Couldn't ask for a better man to have in my life. Oh before I forget I was married when I was 21 and the 2nd time I got married when I was 44 or 45.

catherine said...

I love ya el but have to kinda disagree. Yes, it sucks when women who want to get married stick around ironically with a man that doesnt but whos fault is that. I am 31 and married in my twenties and it was a mistake. you do know yourself better with age and I live in a large city and see people date at all ages, and unless a dog,some are actually romatically dating in their forties.

lutefisk said...

Am I supposed to feel bad for her?

My cousin separated from her husband 13 years ago after 18 years of marriage--she refuses to divorce him, because she blames all her problems on the fact she is still married to him, & if she divorces him has to give him 1/2 the house, 1/2 her pension, etc. She is living in a horrible neighborhood, she & her kids are always getting robbed, but she won't let go. It is a psychological attachment. And she is dating someone for 6 years, & her husband has been living with another woman for about 10 years.

captivagrl said...

holly has been aware that hef will never marry her. she's been after a baby. she really wants to have a child with hef. he's hinted that it's a posibility, leading her on further. his 4 children will inherit the empire.

Unknown said...

Holly will not be around in 10 years, and neither will the show. Hef gets older but his girls do not.

Unless Holly has his baby, she'll give up before she's 35, or the show will be canceled.

At any rate, the other two girls will get on with their lives and leave once that show is canceled. That's the only reason they're there. Kendra will go to porn and Bridget will try hard for a bona fide career.

jax said...

Holly will be maybe in her 40's and still no marriage. Well, what are going to be her chances of true love at that point? None. Oh, she'll find a guy and marry the first one who asks,

aww hell no El. wtf man? are you telling me you buy into that BS about women over 40 staying single forever and having 20 cats becasue god forbid someone might find them attractive and worth marrying?
jesus man it's not 1955, women have options,hell they even propose sometimes too!
you need a good kick in the balls if so..lol.

Mel said...

jax I love the way you kick arse...or balls;) Thanks for saying what I was thinking. Now I must get off and feed the cat.

selenakyle said...

Well most of US who have found true love and gotten married post-40 HAD something to offer.

But I gotta say Ent might be right in this case specifically, about Holly.

I always wonder what the hell Bridget is doing with all of those creeps. Oh, and the old secretary lady--she's nice.

and, Kendra is an imbecile.

Unknown said...

Hef is still married to Kimberly. She and the boys live in a house next door. They have never had any interest in divorcing. Holly is simply a delusional gold digger. (Hef isn't the only one who's married either, Bridget is still married and was married even when she began to hang out at the mansion and participate in sex nights with Hef and the string of girls who have been "girlfriends" since he and Kimberly separated.)

Yes, sorry to burst your bubble, but all the girls do Hef twice a week. His bi-weekly "sex nights," where they invite a variety of playmate wannabes to frolic with them upstairs are infamous. Mostly it's the girls putting on a show together for Hef, but they all have to take a turn on Pawpaw. This is the reality of life at the mansion and isn't something you'll see on their uh "reality show."

Ent, I'm a bit disappointed about your comments regarding women over 40 finding true love. However, I do think it applies to cases like Holly. I mean what kind of man would want to marry a notorious skank who's been banging the cryptkeeper and having orgies with a bevy of other blonde twits for 20 years?

Amy said...

Bridget is legally married too and is chillin as one of his girlfriends. She seems like she's really trying hard to hang on to youth.

MnGddess said...

I love that show - have to admit! And Bridget's my fave.
Thanks for the advice, syl. I'm starting a new career as a med. transcriptionist which will allow me to work full time at home. By the time he leaves, if he leaves, I'll be on my feet and do the things I really want to do. I had a misguided notion pounded into my head by my mom's family that all a female was good for are secretaries, nurses, teachers, or wives and mothers.

And Jaxy, Enty does need a swift kick in the balls.....

Joanna said...

Oh, Ent. Pessimistic commentary on love aside, I do have to agree that Holly's sit is quite crushing. She's the only one out of Hef's "girlfriends" that I actually love. I like Bridget, but I agree with others that she seems there just for the fun of it, not really for any title like Holly. And Kendra is just f**king grating. Hot bod aside, I can't see how anyone can stand her. This coming from a bisexual gal that drools over any hot and sporty pair of legs.

I don't watch the show much, but in what little I did Holly always came across as being very shockingly genuine in her affection for Hef and her understanding of the business. Talking about it with my friend (who does watch the show religiously) we always crossed and double crossed our fingers that Hef would come to his senses and recognize that Holly was the only one out of all the blonde twits in his life that wouldn't end up being a relationship disaster. Too bad for her that it seems that Hef is just too set on clinging onto his second (third? fourth?) youth and bachelorhood. The girl is completely stuck.

Parsley Mostly said...

she'll be fine. she's getting at least a mil from him when he dies. and i'm sure she's been investing what little she does have now.

i like her, and i know it must be hard to watch the guy you love boink every chick he can, but she knew what she was getting into when she became girl number 1. what did she expect? she doesn't really think that old coot is going to father babies on her, does she?

if she does, she needs to reconnect with her dad. gross. if not, then she's shedding public tears over losing a bunch of money. money she fucked him and countless chicks for.

FB @ FabulouslyBroke.com said...

SO true.. I agree with frou frou

Start saving the cash from Hugh and pawn off your baubles to create a retirement fund so you get SOMETHING in the end.

I'm gonna link this


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