Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Random Photos Part One - With A Reader Photo

So, today marks the start of Cannes and a bunch of new photos each day. Although it may not seem like it, my supply of snark is not endless. Therefore for the duration of Cannes, any photos from there will be treated like music photos with simply the name of the person and the fact it is in Cannes. For the most part everyone who attends looks fabulous or amazing or great or pretty or handsome or sponge worthy or whatever. So, unless there is just something that is unique, then the pictures will just be captions. (Of course I already broke my own rule, as you will see, but it won't happen often) My goal is to pick the best each day, but there are just so many people and photos that it will be easy to miss some that I'm sure you would like to see.

Happy Birthday Amber. 25 years old. Wow. Now you can rent a car without incurring those additional charges. If you have read the blog for any length of time then you probably have guessed I have a certain affection for Amber. She is without a doubt one of the four or five most amazing people I know. When I need something she is always there to give it and doesn't expect anything in return. She is funny and intelligent, and beautiful and has the most wicked sense of humor anywhere. She basically invented snark. Although all of you know her primarily for her acting, she is so much more than that. Whether it be writing or performing her poetry or the causes she fights for every day or her love for everyone around her, she is so much more than the one dimensional actress you typically find in LA. As a rule she hates gossip blogs, and she doesn't particularly like the fact I write one, but it has never stopped her from being my friend because she only wants the very best for the people she cares about. She doesn't spy for me or do anything like that, and even if she tells me something juicy, she knows I will keep it to myself. I hope you have the greatest day imaginable. (ECA)
Andrea Osvart - Cannes
I didn't think it was possible for Amaury Nolasco to look bad, but this comes close.
Thankfully he knows how to rectify the situation.
Claudia Schiffer - German Vogue
I think this is the first time to the photos for Christian Kane so I'll be nice.
So do you think Chace Crawford enjoys knowing that Tom Cruise is a big fan? Do you think Tom sits in his room at night watching Gossip Girls? I don't either. I think Katie said she liked the show and so Tom wanted to jump on the I'm hip bandwagon.
Cate Blanchett - Cannes
The new cast of Beverly Hills 90210.
I know Holly Hunter is really tiny, but she really needs to eat. She just looks way too thin here.

Gillian Anderson - Cannes
Faye Dunaway - Cannes
I love this look on Eve. I'm so tired of her always wearing dresses that show off her two tattoos. This is so much better.
Devon Aoki - Cannes

Where else are you going to see Jacqueline Bisset?

Now the belly on Jack Black makes sense. Method acting.
Something about Ioann Gruffudd just looks a bit off. Usually he is impeccable but it's like he said I'm going to wear a brand new pair of jeans today. It just seems to me that some guys can wear jeans forever and some guys can't. I am a can't and it appears Ioann is also.
So imagine if Beyonce is really pregnant with child. Now imagine it is a girl and she grows up and starts dating. Would you honestly want to be the guy who brought her home five minutes late? Would you even dare come within six inches of her at any time?

It's like friends day on Random Photos. Jena Malone looks great.
From all the e-mails I get when I have Jason Lewis on the photos, I'm guessing most of you think he is photo worthy.

The new Miss Universe Laura Dundovi.

Who wants to bet that Larry David and Bette Midler probably made each other laugh a few times last night. That would have been a fun conversation.
One Night Only - Manchester

So Gloria Reubens and Jane Kaczmarek look fine, but what is going on with Mark Paul Gosselaar? A shower should not be an optional event when going to something like this.

Does anyone know if Selita Ebanks kept the ring Nick Cannon gave her?
Here is our reader photo for today.
Yes, Tom Cruise was the "star" of Risky Business, but it wouldn't have worked without Rebecca DeMornay. Do you think she might be pissed that Oprah didn't give her a two parter for Risky Business' 25th Anniversary? I mean that was the purpose of the two-parter right?
Yeah, I threw up also, so don't be ashamed.
Olivia Wilde always looks great.
This is a photo from a shoot Zooey Deschanel did for a magazine, but honestly I don't know what magazine. I just put it in because it has been awhile since we had Zooey in here.

Van Halen - East Rutherford
It could be the camera or the angle, but Timothy Hutton isn't looking his best.
Suchin Pak always looks great.
Sean Penn - Cannes


Anonymous said...

Christian Kane was so hot when he had short hair and was the evil lawyer guy on Angel... shame he's turned into that.

Kory said...

If I see one more hackneyed picture of a woman covering her tits with her hands, I am going to throw up.

I am happy that it ended with Sean looking hot.

Murphy Brown 2020 said...

DAAAAAAMMMMN, I wanna look JUST like Jackie Bissett when I'm her age!

She and Julie Christie are sorta tied in the aging war, I guess.

Praetorian said...

I'm the only one who's craving for some tortellini right now?
LOL said...

Whos the reader photo? 'FESS UP!

Teresa said...

Yay, Gillian. My love for her has never ended. Did I mention that the new X-files movie opens the day before my birthday? It's like a special little treat for me from Chris Carter ;)

~crazy peanut~ said...

Tim Hutton looks like a bobble head.

And wtf has happened to Zack Morris? :(

Dunaway & Bisset = amazing!

jax said...

mm pasta. cute glasses,who are ya?

Sean Penn needs to STOp dying the hair in the front and let it go natural.

Amaury has the gay look down pat.

Love Zooey,love Olivia,love Amber.

ugh both those crackheads make me want to vom...soooo wrong.

Zach Morris, get thee to a barber stat.

Jason Lewis IS the hottness.

dee dee lefrak said...

Ent, I met your girl Amber Tamblyn here in San Francisco coupla weeks ago her (blonde) momma was singing in MamaPoolooza at the Make Out Room in the Mission district.

She danced around a bit and acted very normal no diva tude.

Also her dad Russ Tamblyn from West Side Story was there we chatted a bit he was very nice.

Amber complimented me on my blinky light up earring, it was cute to see a three-piece celeb family acting so sweet and normal.

PeepStone said...

Okay so older actresses kicked younger actresses asses in this random photos. I want to know their secrets. With all their money, it could be anything, right?

mooshki said...

Ent, how can you show a picture of Claudia Schiffer without a comment on the David Copperfield situation?

You don't have to be nice - Christian Kane looks like ass in that pic.

90210 looks like it's going to suck balls. Especially with Tori declaring herself the MILF of the show. (Although, I did love So NoTORIous.)

Lindsay, Nicole, take a hint from Gillian and GO BACK TO RED HAIR!!!

Devon's hairstyle is not flattering, but that's a gorgeous dress!

Bette looks gorgeous!

Sydney in Wonderland said...

You guys should be able to narrow the reader photo down by the red hair. How many gingers do we have running around here?

Zooey is amazing.
Selita gave the ring back to Nick, who then gave it to Mimi.
This is a good set; lots of good pictures of good people.

MnGddess said...

Love the reader photo! I wonder who it is???

Maja With a J said...

*LOL* I LOVE the reader photo!!!

Zooey Deschanel is on my husbands "laminated card" (we don't actually have them but you know we made the lists) so I can't like her as much as I' to.

morgen dorffer said...

oh zack morris say it isn't so! preparing for a new role or just giving up already?

moira said...

Jena Malone is the most adorable little thing ever. Love her.

Anonymous said...

LMAO - Tom Cruise is a Gossip Girl fan? Wonder what he thought of the Katie Holmes bearding comment in last week's episode.

littleoleme said...

My girl crush on Cate Blanchett deepens.

Sydney in Wonderland said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
surfer said...

Wow - sounds like someone is in love with Amber. And so much for very few people knowing who you are.

That being said, Faye Dunaway is sure starting to look like Joan Crawford. Maybe it's the hair.

Cate looks stunning, as does Eve. I agree Ent, that look really works for her.

Was the Jason Lewis pic taken from the same event as the one you most recently posted? Looks like he's wearing the same thing.

Amy & Pete - creating a new virus all by themselves. Isn't that great?

I think Claudia looks amazing, especially considering she's had a few kids. Brave girl, but hey, she didn't get the title supermodel for nothing.

JayZ is one scary-looking guy.

Sydney in Wonderland said...

Okay, I'll go ahead and admit that's me since I won't be around later today. It was my birthday. I won't tell you how many years ago it was, but I will say it was about 50 lbs ago.

So, snark away. :)

Unknown said...

Holly Hunter is bona fide anorexic. She looks very sick and unhealthy, in need of emergency medical care.

She has to be the subject of one of those ENT blinds about some actress wasting away from drugs or something.

Honestly, as long as she's been in films, she has NEVER looked like this.

OR she has some disease she isn't telling anyone about... doubt it...

Stacey Charter said...

Happy b-day Amber -EL's sharing a little today - thanks!

~christian - say it isn't so - Gawd I used to sweat him hardcore on Angel... WTF?

~Puhleeze - Yommy girl Loves him some gossip girl...and some chace



~Gillian - I could almost girl crush on her - she looks so great

~MMMMMM Jason Lewis ... Thank You!

~ Zack?? the pasty crackhead look is so over

~Selita - she loks like an alien w/ a fivehead in this pic

~Zooey - i met her last august while she was here working on the Happening and she was so down to earth, normal and sweet. No make-up just bumming around the farm...and she sings too - saw her recently perfornm on one of the shows

~Tim Hutton?? I feel so old

~Sean looks great!

jax said...

how'd you lose it alpine?
i always ask. you looked great there so you must be a hottie now.
good on ya!

califblondy said...

Happy b'day to another Taurean! Fifty pounds plus or minus, it's a cute picture, Alpine.

Holly Hunter reinforces my belief that some of us of a certain age really don't need to be that thin. Her arms are frightening.

surfer said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

Yaaaay! There's a Token in the 90210 cast! We have come so far.

mo pie said...

I love the reader photo too! How cute!

RagDoll said...

Open Letter To Lindsay Lohan:

Dear Linds,

Please take a look at Alpine Summer's pic and take a lesson on how red is done. Stop with the dishwater blonde and the fake tan. You too can look as fresh and YOUNG. Um OK. Maybe not. i doubt alpine has your,uh...proclivites....when it comes to substances. No one with skin that beautiful can possibly have any such habits...

Lil said...

Love Zooey - she has the most amazing singing voice.

selenakyle said...

Devon Aoki's dress is breathtakingly gorgeous.

Timothy Hutton looks like he's been drinking "hard lickra" for the last ten years.

SHE SHE said...

Cheese & Rice, where does one begin?

Timothy Hutton - Looks like a bobble head - his head is HUGE (that's what she said!)

Doherty and Winehouse- looks like a necrophila image - ick, ick, ick!!

Van Halen - they look ready for some literature from the Scooter Store or AARP.

I'll shut up now.

anna said...

claudia is looking pretty good there -- anyone else remember hearing that her husband beats her?

cate blanchett -- always gorgeous. stunning.

holly hunter! noooo!

love gillian anderson -- anyone else see her in 'bleak house'? she was amazing. wish she did more.

eve has the worst tattoos ever.

jenna malone is adorable.

alpine summer, you're gorgeous! beautiful coloring.

amy and pete? that is just... ugh.

sean, dying your hair only makes you more annoying.

trashtalker said...

My God. Cate Blanchett had a baby 31 days ago. I'd hate her if she weren't so awesome.

Calraigh said...

Gillian Anderson is the most beautiful woman on the face of the planet.There, I've said it.Angelina Jolie can f off.
GA looks stunning here!

redgurl72 said...

The guy next to Jason Lewis is from Tears For Fears isn't he?! Isn't it Kurt? Been a while since I danced around to their videos in my puffball skirt and fluro socks so I'm not 100% sure. said...

Gillian Andersen is so beautiful. She looks so confident.

Tim Hutton is a bona fide Alien

MnGddess said...

Alpine - much props for showing a "heavier" photo" of yourself. I wouldn't have the guts.

MnGddess said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sydney in Wonderland said...

Aw, thanks you guys. So sweet. Jax: I lost it the old fashioned way. Stopped eating so much, no food after 10pm, more getting-off-my-butt-and-doing-things. Haha, and I think I'm probably the only freak whose boobs went UP a cup size when I lost all the weight. Mngddess: I'm all guts, haha.

And, Ragdoll, no I don't have Lindsay's particular habits. Also, I figure some women have to stay pale for tanners to feel like they get their money's worth.

CT-Hilltopper said...

I wonder if Beyonce would dare bringing her little girl home dressed in her "Beyonce makeover" with Hova in the house? I don't think he'd stand for that.

At least with Pete and Amy together we don't have to worry about them sharing their myriad of diseases with other people. They can keep festering on. Just don't photograph it. There's a limit to how much my stomach can stand.

Tania said...

Christian is kind of a scruffy guy, never seems to know what to do with his hair. Every time I've met him or seen him play him he's worn a beanie or straw hat, old jeans, shirt(s) over a tshirt, and sometimes fingerless gloves... ;-)But the boy can sing good, so I'll let him off.

I don't get the Sean Penn appeal. He looks like a bad-tempered ass to me. But Jason Lewis - mmmmm....

Alpine, you look cute and funny!

pricolatino said...

Ioan Gruffudd: Unbutton the jacket, lose the tie, use less hair gel, get better fitting jeans, and some shoes that don't look like you spent the afternoon mixing concrete and you'll be back to your sexy self.

jagerlilly said...

Oh gawd - Timothy Hutton looks like Mr. Potato Head!

Anonymous said...

Alpine, youre a doll, you remind me of a friend of mine whom I adore, so that makes me like you more, lol. Congratulations on the weight loss. I just loss a bunch, myself (bad breakup, gained some beer weight, lol) and the same way, too.

Oh, and its not so weird for your cup size to go up! There has been a phenomenon of late (I read about it in the Seattle PI): women who get regular exercise, having their breast size go up after a little lipo on trouble spots. Scientists figure its because the fat has no where to go but the good places, if you're fit. As a result, they're now looking into seeing if there's a correlation in women who have had no surgerical help! I can speak from personal experience that I've lost substantial weight from exercise, but my breasts have not gotten smaller, if anything, they're not fitting that well in my bras anymore!

CONGRATS my fellow ginger! mwah!

Maquinda said...

Shut up. You sound like a 2 with the way you talk down about others.


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