Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Random Photos Part One - With Two Reader Photos In One Photo!!!!

I think what everyone wants to ask the lovely Ali Larter is this. When exactly are you going to get married? The world is dying to know. OK, not necessarily the world, and probably not dying. But curious? Could I get curiosity from the world? A mild interest? A raised eyebrow? Well, I still want to know.
Latex? Christian Slater's face looks like the doctors pulled really hard. Man that must have hurt.

On account of the fact that I have made my affection for Bernadette Peters clear, I figured I might as well go ahead and plug her new children's book, and the CD has Bernadette talking.
Very close to the top. I thought about putting Bob and Jillian at the top just because I enjoy them. They actually seem like they care about the people they are helping on the show. Publicity hounds? Jillian for sure, but still, they really do care and it shows.
Empty and no one showed up to see her but she's still smiling. What do you do when a big corporate bank spends a ton of money on a family movie night and no one comes? What are you supposed to do if you are the celebrity host? Well Allison Janney found that out. There were some people who actually did come, but not very many and most looked like bank employees and their families.
You have to realize that I would put BJ Novak in here more often, but honest to God, I really do get on a huge Greg Evigan kick when I do, and I really don't have time this week to do a Greg Evigan marathon. Oh, speaking of marathons, had a mini - MI5 one last night. I like it. A lot. Only in the first season so don't spoil anything.
OK, I admit it. I'm a big Damian Lewis fan, and good news for him is that he's never been a blind item. He should get a t-shirt for that or something.

Ummm. Stop the presses. Diane Keaton looks normal, and, wait for it...Amazing.
I know David Hyde Pierce is a great actor, but don't you think he would make the best game show host? Something droll. Something where he could make people feel stupid would be perfect. He's not a Wheel Of Fortune guy.
Death Cab For Cutie - New York
Just last night I was talking about Charlize Theron and how I thought she always looked glamorous. Yeah. I'll go ahead and find someone else to pick for next time.
Always looking good is Jenna Fischer. Always.

So how many hats do you think Judah Friedlander has anyway? I love how they are all generic.
Maybe this is how Jessica Alba can reinvent her career. Silent film star. Woman playing a man. Actually it is a pretty amazing photo.
I am putting this out to all of you because I really don't know. Did Harrison Ford ever explain why he wanted to look like the grandpa with the earring you avoid at the mall.
Nice to know, jackets that don't quite fit are coming back in because that basically sums up my entire wardrobe. Eric Dane can do so much better than this.
Evidently I'm in a great mood, because Kathy Griffin looks really good. Of course I really do wish she could work a new pose into her game, but she looks good. That Apple money must have been nice while it lasted.

Jack McBrayer. Put this on your screen saver and you will always be in a good mood.
And if that doesn't work, just put this photo on a dartboard and have fun with the whole family. Order some pizza and see who wins.
You can tell it was NBC upfront day yesterday. I'm running out of superlatives. Yes, that is your word of the day. Now just watch the duck to drop from the ceiling. No, seriously. Watch. Yes, I broke into your house last night and installed one just in case someone mentions the word superlative where you live. Oh, Jane Krakowski. Love her. You know that.
John Krasinski. You know I love him, and you all think he is doing the dirty with Rashida Jones.
Lori Loughlin. You know its amazing that even though Full House ended like 13 years ago, everyone is still pretty much in the public eye from that show. Lori has the prettiest of those eyes, although yes, I could see why you would pick John Stamos.
So much easier when the entire cast gets into one photo. Easier to make fun of. No, they all look great. Well not everyone, but ok, well half don't look that great. Andrew looks good though.
The entire world is already in the photos, so what the hell. I can squeeze in one more. Lance Armstrong. Hey yellow tie. Big surprise there.
A true random photo. Come on, You know you never thought you would see the day where Jane Fonda, Ludacris and Tommy Lee had a threesome. Oh? No threesome? Tongue? Oh, just a photo. Still, you never thought you would see it.
I like the new Kimberly Stewart look. A lot.
Yes, it is that time. It's two reader photos and they jammed themselves up into one lens. Love it.

Well would you be smiling if some tabloid just said your girlfriend was a lesbian. The next thing you know they will be wondering about you.
This is going on forever. Hmm. Running out of things to say. How about Michelle Trachtenberg has really nice hair. It actually does look nice. Like it smells really good. Of course she probably chain smokes and hasn't washed it in four days, but it's nice to dream.
Minka Kelly looks great. Moving on now.
Minnie Driver - London

Always have time for Tina Fey. I have some time now Tina. If you would like to come over and we could talk. Maybe play some Luther Vandross. We could watch Gilligan's Island and then make $240 worth of pudding.

Hey Canada. Your ET! host looks a little freaked out. It's Ted Danson. Maybe he's had a crush on him. I don't know, but that is just a little too giddy for Ted. Yes, he's a good looking man. Would you expect anything less from Whoopi Goldberg (Hi Whoopi!) than a good looking guy?
My favorite royal couple. I just seriously want to know why they even bother and where exactly are the little wind up thingys.
Way to make a buck even when going to court. I think more celebrities should try this.
I saved you for last Selma because I wanted to give you special attention. I go through phases with Selma Blair and this is one of those phases where I think she's smoking hot. Later I'll remember she was married to a Zappa and I'll get over it, but for now. Hot.


Unknown said...

AHHHHH, picture overload!

Yes, a lot of good pics in that one.

I've gotta check Bernadette's bio now, cuz man, she still looks great, and she's how old??

Anonymous said...

Ok: fess up readers? Cuties.

Lori Loughlin is a gorgeous woman who doesn't really seem to age.

Jane Krakowski makes me laugh every time she says a simple word. The woman is truly talented.

Ent sure watches a lot of BBC America these days. (Torchwood post a couple months ago, the MI5 thing today.)

Reese said...

Two more good looking readers; interesting that the followers of this blog have been more attractive than a lot of the celebs who show up on it. Reveal your identities!

Minka, Lori and Bernadette all look great.

bryguy211 said...

Bernadette! Love her! The chorus I sing with got to perform with her in March. The woman is incredible and as gracious as anyone. The song that she wrote to accompany the book - Kramer's Song - is such a sweet lullaby.

meara said...

what do you mean, "and you all think he is doing the dirty with Rashida Jones." ??

Emobacca said...

I don't know, is ENTY implying that he is no longer with Rashida?

AphraelDanae said...

Ah Rick...the Temp.

No matter what he does, he'll always be 'Rick the Temp' from MuchMusic.

MontanaMarriott said...

Diane Keaton is NOT wearing her infamous BLACK GLOVES, BE WARNED THE END TIMES ARE NEAR!!!

babyface shane said...

dnfrommn and reese - thank you ;)

Snautrag said...

MI-5...love it. The first few seasons were some of the best TV ever.

Anonymous said...

babyface - I'm a dude. A gay dude, but a dude nonetheless. Not me.

I don't know that I'd send in my picture. Ent does have my phone number though (I almost was a blog-correspondent). If my phone # ends up on the internet though, it will be changed quickly.

Reese said...


Great picture of both you; are you on the left or right? And who is your partner in crime?

ElsieFire said...

Ent, I believe Harrison did explain the earring, saying he and Ed Bradley (RIP) and another dude, can't remember...got HAMMERED and convinced him to do it. Bradley and the other guy had earrings too, so, now it's like an homage. I like the story. And even though Harry is almost my dad's age, he makes my engine run....lol

surfer said...

OMG Ent, it must have been killing you! Three-for-three.

And to borrow a line from aphra, aah, Rick the temp.

dn - I think babyface was thanking you.

smooches said...

Reader photo - jax?

jax said...

Dn no drugs at work except friday.

Rick the Temp lol...that poor bastard is gonna be 70 in line for his pension and someones is gonna call him Rick the Temp.(for non canucks he was voted onto our version of MTV as a host prior to ET). El should post a pic of Ben Mulroney next..what a dork.

too many pictures to comment on.
So did Steve O find Jebus in the 11hour?

That Royal couple is hilarious. it looks like they are brother and sister.

Stacey whasherface on Lipstick needs to stop fucking with her face NOW.

Did Eric grap Rebecca's jacket by accident on the way out?

jax said...

nope it ain't me.
you'll know. lol.

lutefisk said...

OK--who else is from the San Francisco area??

Unknown said...

AphraelDanae 2:08 PM


Yep he could become Prime Minister, and he'd still be Rick the Temp. Prime Minister Rick the Temp....LOL

DNfromMN said...
babyface - I'm a dude. A gay dude, but a dude nonetheless. Not me.

I'm pretty sure babyface was thanking you for complimenting her - ie that's HER in the pic ;)

Apparently I watch too many cartoons and too much hockey, because I only recognize like, half the people in the random pics O_o but I'll give it a go:

Diane Keaton looks AWESOME. Look at that waist. I'm about half her age (I think?) and she has a WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY tinier waist than me! Damn it! lol

I'm not really a Charlize fan but I LOVE that dress. Not for everyone, but she can pull it off ;)

OMG I LOVE the Tommy Lee/Ludacris/Fonda pic - that should be a Caption This type thing LOL!

babyface shane said...

dnfrommn, i was thanking you ;)
reese, that's me on the right, my p.i.c. is zvez.
adrian, i'm from san francisco :)
ent, luv u

lutefisk said...

when you were guessed I looked up to see where you were from. That's why I wanted to know who else is from San Francisco. We know who the Canadians & New Yorker's are based on their posts, but not everyone reveals their location!!

babyface shane said...

ah-ha :)

califblondy said...

I guess my location is obvious. ;)

MnGddess said...

Okay - so far all the readers have been very good-looking and photogenic. Which means I am going to need one of those "extreme makeovers".

And THANK YOU for the Damian Lewis photo!!!!

trashtalker said...

Dearest Ent, loved the "State" reference. Awwwww yeeeeahh! :)

RagDoll said...

Who in the world would EVER have guessed that this site has the hottest readers? Seriously. Hot chicks wall to wall. Two really stunning brunettes today, too. Babyface, you're soooooo PRETTY!

RagDoll said...


I know EXACTLY how you feel. Jeeeeeez, I'm going to have to start putting on makeup and doing my hair just to log into this site, LOL!!!

anna said...

aaaaah, damian lewis. so sexy. am i the only one who thinks this?

and diane always look gorgeous when she takes off the turtlenecks -- so lovely.

and the mac love is over for kathy?! i was hoping that would last...

Anonymous said...

AAAHHAHAHAHA! $240 worth of pudding.

I love the State! I used to have that video on my MySpace. I have to go watch it again now. Thanks, Ent! I knew I liked you.

MnGddess said...

Bippy - the first promo I saw of live - all 30 seconds of it - I was hooked. I've seen the Forsyte Saga and a few of his movies - he is a fantastic actor. And sexy as hell!

And Ragdoll - (must change that name to dollface or something) - maybe Enty can hook us up with a plastic surgeon and a great makeup artist....

Ellebee said...

The David Hyde Pierce comment made me think about a pseudo game show in England... QI, it is hosted by Stephan Fry. You can see it on one of the video sites. Alan Davies is a permanent panelist on the show (the guy on Jonathan Creek)

Amber said...

hehe that host of ET Canada is Rick Campanelli (sp?) He just is a nervous energy type guy. Used to work as a vj at Much Music (like Canada's MTV, before we had an MTV).

Anonymous said...

ok, I'm a dork. totally misread babyface's statement.

jax - I only give drugs out, I don't get to take them myself. ;)

Nicole said...

I'm only a lurker, but I had to come out of hiding to say I love The State shout-out, Ent! Besides my husband (and now you), I know no one else in the world who remembers that skit.

De said...

Elsiefire and ENT, the "other guy" you're looking for is Jimmy Buffet.

The three of them became good friends and Jimmy would often get them drunk and talk them BOTH (Harrison and Ed) into things :P...

One weekend they were both giving Harrison crap because they had earrings and he didn't, and because (as Harrison put it) you can't tell a drunk man he's scared to do something.....he woke up the next morning with an earring haha :D.

Its a cute story, he told it on a few late night shows.


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