Monday, March 08, 2010

Academy Awards Part Six

Stephen Moyer & Anna Paquin

Hilary Swank
Jennifer Westfeldt & Jon Hamm
Anderson Cooper
Rebecca Rigg & Simon Baker
Jodie Foster
Jamie Foxx & Heidi Klum
Hayden Panettiere
Elton John & Victoria Beckham
Elton John & Gina Gershon


chihuahuense said...

I wonder what it is like to take yourself so seriously? (Posh)

Anderson, I don't care how hot your bod is, you still need to wear an undershirt under your button down.

Please Hilary, I don't want to see that.

looserdude said...

OK, this is going to seem weird to some of you but I have always thought Hilary Swank was some kind of HOT!

Audrey said...

I hate Hillary's dress but love Heidi's. Heidi is always so cool!

blog hopper said...

Hilary Swank is waiting to go on the ice.

Ice Angel said...

Ummm....pssst...Hillary....don't look, but your top is undone!

Ms Cool said...

Please - no more Jennifer Westfeldt. I cannot take her plastic surgery face.

Patty said...

Hillary Skank - has to divert the attention away from her horse teeth. Sorry, I know that was bad but I just cannot stand her.

sunnyside1213 said...

Is it just my monitor, of do all these pictures look squashed? Either that or everyone gained 10 lbs this week.

slider1964 said...

Anna Paquin just looks trashy to me!! I wish she would get her teeth fixed and go back to her natural hair color..

RocketQueen said...

I kind of like Anna's teeth. Quirky and cute.

Gina Gershon looks great, but I think she's had some work done?

Hayden's the one I can't stand. Always seems so full of herself.

Is it just me, or does Jennifer Westfeldt always pose by jutting her face forward??

califblondy said...

Anderson Cooper, yum.

He was too cute co-hosting with Kelly Ripa last Friday.

mooshki said...

Jodie's dress is boring as hell.

chucky-baby said...

based on Elton's smiles with the ladies you can certainly tell which one he actually likes. If it was me I would have that same smile for Gina, she is the only women I would go to the otherside for ;)

Tenley said...

Does anyone else have the sense that Hayden's 15 minutes are almost up? I was shocked to see her photo here, which was my first clue she's really taken a dive off the radar recently when she once was the It up-and-coming Everything.

Ms Cool said...

Did you see this interview with Miley where she says that she and her boyfriend are deeper than NORMAL people? I highly doubt she is deeper than other people and WTF does she mean by NORMAL people?!


Maja With a J said...

Jodie Foster, Director of the Beaver.


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