Monday, March 08, 2010

Random Photos Part Two

Roselyn Sanchez held a run for life this weekend in Puerto Rico. There supporting her was Eric Winter.
Also there was a very different looking AnnaLynne McCord.
Nick Lachey was there.
As was Vanessa Lemonjello.
Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale at one of the parties this weekend here in Los Angeles.
To get attention, Holly Madison now wears swimsuits to bars.
Jeff Bridges - Los Angeles
Jason Lewis selling a new line of sheets or beds or something that got him into bed.
Kate Bosworth's dress seems to be causing flowers to bloom everywhere.
Kevin McKidd and Jane Parker
Katie Price feeding Alex Reid because, well, he wants to look like an idiot.
Can you imagine Lady GaGa's closet?
A first time appearance for Michael Kelly. Here he is with Tom Everett Scott and Shannon Elizabeth.
Michelle Rodriguez appears to be about to fall.
Pamela Anderson making a buck selling potato chips in the UK.


MontanaMarriott said...

I guess Michelle R, is off the wagon again, lol.

Gavin Rossdale looks like he aged overnight.

RocketQueen said...

Nice to see Pamela covered up. For once.

Saw a pic on the Awful Truth last week showing Gaga looking SO SO thin. Incredible considering I didn't think she had much left to lose.

Um. Jason Lewis has crazy coke eyes.

Is it just me or do Vanessa Lemonjello's legs look weird? Like the thighs don't match the lower half and there's a crease across the middle of the thighs?

califblondy said...

Pam must really be desperate for money if she's resorted to putting clothes ON.

lutefisk said...

I would pay Pam to keep her clothes on.
Gavin Rossdale has the most unusual hairline I have ever seen.

Unknown said...

That Michael Kelly photo where he is leaning like he wants to make sure he gets in the photo is hilarious. This past Christmas at my sister's house, in every photo I am leaning in like that to make sure I get in the photo. Bastards aren't going to leave me out! hahahahahaha

lanasyogamama said...

Annalynne looks so pretty when she's sober!

I think Vanessa just has strong legs. I'd trade.

Gwen looks awesome, as usual.

Jason looked so good in SATC, but he never recaptures that in real life.

chestnut-red said...

Gavin Rossdale's hairline reminds me of Eddie Munster.

Yay, Jeff Bridges. Great acceptance speech and cool as ever!

Tempestuous Grape said...

HA! I KNEW Gag's was a member of Stryper!

Nichole Fisher said...

Thank you for Tom Everett Scott - I think he is just adorable

Unknown said...

who is this hot-bodied jane parker person and how do i end her?

Mango said...

Gavin Rossdale's hair does look weird but at least he's not doing a comb-over!

Kate Bosworth: Still too thin and bobble-headed but I like that dress on her.

Linnea said...

Yeah, Lewis, those eyes are CRAZY! I dont know if its just the picture, or if he is on something way heavier than I would like to imagine

bionic bunny! said...

lemonjello's knees have some kind of problem. she better watch the running and those 6 inch fuck-me heels. when that cartilage goes, it's going to go BIG time!
unless it's already up and went. or, maybe she's double jointed? it's good pay if you can get it, just a lousy retirement plan...


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