Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Ryan Seacrest Stalker Pleads Guilty

The guy who came at Ryan Seacrest with a knife has plead no contest to felony stalking. Apparently he will probably be sentenced to two years in jail and ordered to stay away from Ryan Seacrest for the next ten years. This guy was certainly capable of killing Ryan and I understand the sentence, but I also wonder if Ryan's fame didn't have something to do with the long sentence. I know plenty of people that have been stalked and by people just as dangerous and all they got was a stay away order or maybe the person was put in jail for 30 days. There have been people who have served less time than two years for killing someone.

On the other side of this though, if this guy only got 30 days and then got out and killed Ryan I would be ranting about how he should have been given a longer sentence and how could they let him out so soon. I realize that and it is something I think about frequently. What is the right amount of time? I'm sure Ryan feels safe and warm and protected but what about all the other people who aren't on the number one show in America? How come they are not afforded the same type of protection?


Lady J said...

The rich/famous will ALWAYS be treated differently than us regular folks. That being said jail time seems appropriate for this man. Remember Rebecca Shaffer(sp?) from My Sister Sam. The end result from her crazy stalker was her death. I am FAR from a Seacrest fan but wouldn't want him to get killed/hurt by someone who had a few loose screws.

Miss(pdx) said...

This is why people think our justice system is so wonky. How many times does the punishment not fit the crime and how many times do the falsely accused get time and the criminals walk free? It sucks. Unfortunately stalking borders on one of those 'he said,he said' scenarios. Unless there is proof of course and then depending on your state or county the conviction could vastly vary. I have an ex who was REALLY good at not leaving a trail when he stalked and harassed me. :/ I just hope karma is true and swift.

Anonymous said...

Too many times stalkers end up as murderers. With the common people, they are often told that, in spite of their stalker threatening them and being known to be armed, that nothing can be done until they actually do something, i.e., once he kills you, we'll try to catch him. Probably stalker complaints from celebrities are taken more seriously. But I'd have no problem with this guy doing a longer sentence.

Unknown said...

The famous are treated differently in California because there are so many of them, and so many stalkers - LAPD has a division just for these types of crimes. 2 years? He will be out of prison in under a year and by his past behavior will not stop trying to kill Ryan Seacrest. This is a slow motion car wreck that will happen.

Some people just leave LA and move away, it's easier and safer. You don't realize how many crazy obsessed people there are in the world - and the crazies all head to LA to find their "soul mates" whose skin crawls when they even see them in a crowd.

selenakyle said...

Dude definitely has the crazy-serious yet seriously-crazy look down-pat.

mooshki said...

That guy needs to be locked in a mental institution and not let out until he isn't dangerous any more. (A.k.a. "Never")


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