Friday, March 12, 2010

More Cheating From Jake Pavelka - And The Worst Pickup Line Ever

US Weekly has a report this week about another woman who claims Jake Pavelka of The Bachelor hit on her after he was already engaged to Vienna. In the middle of January, Jake was at a basketball game in Dallas and followed a woman from her seat to the concession stand. OK, sure, a lot of guys will stalk like that. But wait, this is the best part.

He grabbed her hand, looked at her and said, "You might have seen me on a TV show." No hi I'm Jake, but straight to the try and get laid quick by throwing out the television card. Showing that he is capable of more than one sleazy line he then said, "I think you are so beautiful, and you shouldn't be standing here alone." As it turns out she wasn't alone and Jake soon came face to face with her fiance'. So, try and get yourself out of that one. Holding her hand while the fiance' comes up is not really a smart move. I have no doubts this behavior has repeated itself. Jake picked the woman who was willing to milk this for publicity and money.


RocketQueen said...

Great. Just what the world needs. Another fame-seeking reality manwhore. We should have quarantined Jon Gosselin when we had the chance. His brand of ick. nast. is spreading.

Linnea said...

If you cant say "you HAVE seen me in a TV-show" you really are not famous enough to pull it off

califblondy said...

What? Jake and Vienna didn't find true love? Say it ain't so.

Anonymous said...

Not surprising, coming from someone who looks like milquetoast and has little else to offer than that crappy, terrible, barf-inducing line.

Meg said...

Nice. What...a douchebag.

I think he maybe is the worst Bachelor ever?


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