Wednesday, March 10, 2010

At Least DMX Made It Through January & February Without Being Arrested

DMX is kind of like America's answer to Pete Doherty. They get arrested a lot, do a lot of drugs, and don't particularly treat pets well. In what seems like his 20th arrest in the past year but is more likely around 6 or 7, DMX was arrested for violating his probation. It seems that DMX has been using illegal drugs the entire time he has been on probation and has not complied with his treatment program.

The Sheriff in Maricopa County seemed pissed that DMX was not already in jail. "We would hope that he is finally sent to prison. We've arrested him five times already. How many times do you have to violate the law?" Well, if you are a celebrity and it is just drug offenses you can pretty much stay out of jail for a very, very long time. If you are Pete Doherty, you stay out of jail until all the judges you have serviced as a prostitute retire.


Sporky said...

So much for singing gospel...

jess said...

"How many times do you have to violate the law?" until he gets someone kill

nunaurbiz said...

Arizona is in a fiscal crisis and the prisons here are beyond capacity. DMX's problem isn't going to be solved by locking him in a cell for six months and costing us taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars and Joe Arpaio, the Maricopa County sheriff and media whore, knows that.

Tempestuous Grape said...

He is a fucking animal killer for the fucking love of god. This man should be MURDERED. Stop reporting on him.

RocketQueen said...

Agree with Moriah, other than the murdering part. I have no patience for animal cruelty. It is a sign of a motherfucking sick, cowardly mind.
Put him in a 4x4 room, bread and gruel for life. No exercise.

bionic bunny! said...

and don't forget to poke him with a stick every so often. a very, very sharp stick.
come to think of it, i have a rabbit with a pretty damn bad biting problem. i think we find some more like my mooby, shackle and blindfold the ass and put him in a lovely rabbit habitat filled with such needy bunnies.
kill two birds with one stone.
but be sure to hose said ass down a few times a day.
bunnies need plenty of water.

Meg said...

Yeah, what was all the reformed gospel singing about. And then you saw the video on TMZ. I loved his music back in the day but I have no tolerance for animal abusers.

Our justice system SUCKS.


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