Thursday, July 10, 2014

Random Photos Part Three - Fashion Week

Paris Fashion Week

Kate Winslet

Emma Watson
Karlie Kloss
Kristin Scott Thomas
Nina Dobrev
Baz Luhrman
Berlin Fashion Week

Tilda Swinton
Bar Refaeli


rajahcat said...

kudos to Emma and Karlie

Topper Madison said...

Holy what-happened-to-Kate's-face??

sandybrook said...

Emma trying to be sect really doesn't work to you unfortunately.
However I can see why Taylor Swift is attracted to Karlie besides them both being almost the same height.

sandybrook said...


Kelly said...

Nina is so beatufiul. Kate and Emma look good. Holy no to Tilda! Eek. Stabby.

Seven of Eleven said...

Baz Luhrmann!

I love Kate W but that hairdo, not so much. Makes her head look like the waiting room witch doctor in Beetlejuice.

Beetlejuice said...


Uhhhh... said...

Now I may just be commonfolk, but the shit some people call "fashion" just baffles me.

Unknown said...

Bar = gorgeous - I think Leo's recent girlfriends are downgrades.

Freya said...

Beetlejuice. *looking around*

Gertie Raus said...

Emma looks that dress.

Anonymous said...

evening gowns should never be green. oh tilda <3. ok bar, ya got me.

Unknown said...

Kate Winslet looks beautiful. She is aging very well.

I love Emma but I thought we were done with those stupid see-through lace dresses with the solid half-slip showing.

I also love Kriston Scott Thomas but I am not loving this dress. It makes her upper body look like a blob.

Nina! I want to see your whole outfit. Lose the jacket.

Baez Luhrman - you're 5 months early. Tim Burton's premier isn't until December (and no, Tim doesn't want Jay-Z on the soundtrack).

Tilda, Tilda, Tilda. Get Gaultier on the horn and get him to make you another of those flash strappy outfits like he did for you for Constantine. Put that avant guard style to work in a good way.

Unknown said...

Baz dammit!

Dena said...

Emma Watson is a lovely girl and I like her style.

Sincerely,Your Friend said...

Kate Winslets hair is giving me a headache!
Loosen up girl!

OneEyeCharlie said...

Tilda scares me

StuffandNonsense said...

I love Tilda - the right side of weird.

Kate, great dress but WTF are you doing to your face. Looks as tight as a drum.

My old work colleague is Catherine Martin's brother (ie Baz's wife). Apparently those two hold THE most fantastic parties in Sydney. Lavish, bohemian-fests, party till dawn.

Jessie said...

Karlie Kloss is everything.

Zsa Zsa said...

Massive fan of Emma after The Bling Ring. She's ahhhmazing.

Love love love Kristin Scott Thomas's dress. Age appropriate and that colour? Boom!

Nina Nina Nina. You're attending Paris Fashion Week. Designers would kill to dress you and you turn up wearing THAT? Stop shopping in Forever 21 and get yourself a stylist. Stat.

Bar Rafaeli. She set the 'Bar' high for all of Leo's future conquests. @Tina you're so right, after her, the others are all a downgrade.

Thomas Fisher said...

Kate, Emma & Karlie are all very stylish here. Love all 3.

Sherry said...

Why do people wear uglay ass pants like The Tilda has on? Material is good but the fit is poor. Shoes look good though.

Remember Baz's partner is the one who designs all the costumes and made the gold AMEX dress years ago if I am recalling correctly.

I swear, I thought Nina Dobrev was a Kardashian. I am so sorry.

KST color isn't good for her.

ND said...

Kate looks gorgeous! Her ponytail is REALLY tight; her face looks normal if you search for closeup pics. And she's rocking that shade of violet. She should wear bright colours more often.

Aoife said...

Emma Watson looks like a kid playing dress up. Has she always been a bobble head?

Nina Dobrev trying to hide how skinny she is with that jacket?


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