Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Blind Items Revealed #2- Mr. X

November 30, 2014

What kid’s show performer who recently quit his job over a possible sex scandal which turned out to be an extortion plot was spotting grinning ear to ear as he exited his former workplace? He apparently is going to be rehired on the show, but not as the character he created. He’s going to replace the performer of the show’s main character, who is going to announce his retirement soon.

Kevin Clash [Elmo]/Carroll Spinney [Big Bird]/Sesame Street


back again said...

I felt badly for Kevin Clash.There's always going to be a cloud following him(ala Pigpen) b/c of the nature of the allegations/accusations-- even if he's victorious in a civil case,the stigma will remain.

macaroniandcheese said...

This makes me sad, not because of anything to do with Kevin, but because I want Carroll to live forever.


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