Monday, February 09, 2015

Blind Items Revealed #2

November 28, 2014

This B list mostly movie actress deserves to be a C lister but that ex-husband is going to keep her with A list name recognition for a long time. Anyway she was a guest on a talk show the other day and won’t be back soon. The A list host hated the actress and the actress was a pain and rude to everyone and didn’t want to participate in anything and despite having no career could not be bothered to answer any pre-interview questions.

Katie Holmes/Ellen


glue said...

So, was Katie always like that? Or is this a by-product of her marriage to Cruise? IMO, She appeared miserable and has some issues from that marriage. A part of me feels sorry for her because of the torture Scientology put her through while married to their head celebrity leprechaun.

squeege said...

Enty seems to have it in for her just now, ever since that blind accusing her of having a fling with a married man. That's about three reveals in recent weeks to show her in a bad light. Not convinced the CO$ or the leprechaun tortured her.

caitlin said...

Katie seemed fine on Ellen she was charming as hell The previous reveal on her made no sense either side she dated Joshua Jackson while on DC and supposedly was pretty hung up on him and supposedly Michelle had a fling with him so of course there not gonna be best buds. She was the closet to JJ. He cared for her deeply until TC.


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