Thursday, February 12, 2015

Blind Items Revealed #5

December 7, 2014

This former A+ list mostly movie actor turned A list mostly movie actor turned A list television actor who is still good looking even though he is aging wanted his newlywed wife to go without a bra the other night. Too camera shy though, she would only wear something see through if she could wear a bra. Our actor wants people talking about his wife. It makes him feel young.

Jeff Goldblum


JayJay said...

The tone of this makes it sound like Enty is trying to shame Jeff Goldblum, but it sounds like he asked his wife to go without a bra and she said no. What's so bad about that? And so what if it makes him feel young!

ettacettera said...

If he wants pap attention why doesn't he go without pants?

H2O said...

Just reading the name Jeff Goldblum makes me feel sick. Now I feel worse. Thanks a lot!


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