Friday, February 13, 2015

Blind Items Revealed #2

December 8, 2014

This B+ list former tweener from a hit Disney show that sounds like it should be on Animal Planet recently celebrated a special day in her life but didn’t make any friends on her former show and not one of them congratulated her on the special day.No one. Plenty of people who work with her now or want to did, but no one who worked with her in the past. She really made it clear to them who had the future and who didn’t. Apparently they wanted to make it clear to her who has friends and who doesn’t.

Stefani Scott's birthday/ A.N.T Farm/


Zilla3 said...

Never heard of her.

Me said...

A.N.T Farm? Wow. That was one of my guesses. Could not remember her name though. (it was on the tip of my tongue. The other one (going wild with Jeff Corwin) is a bit too old and was actually a Disney nature show.

Scooby Don't said...

My kid loves ANT Farm and it sounds like Stef was acting just like her character


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