Thursday, June 04, 2015

Blind Item #3

This foreign born B list mostly movie actress who has had a great last 12 months acting wise and achievement wise spent last month finding a guy willing to help out her sister financially, but ended up hooking up with him herself and probably destroying what was left of her relationship to this foreign born B- list mostly movie actor.


Tricia13 said...

sienna Miller/Tom sturridge

Sadie said...

Naomi Watts?

back again said...

+1-- definately Sienna & her sister Savannah & her forever beleaguered clothing line "Twentyeighttwelve"- Sienna's like the Scorpio & the Frog Fable-she can't help herself b/c it's her nature!
Frankly,i think this IS an excuse for Sienna to hook up w/wealthy benefactors b/c Savannah should've hung this up a long time ago-it's been in the red since it started!
G'morning Peeps-So Far,the Site's cooperating(crossing fingers-1st time all week)

Lila Fowler said...

So Sienna became a yacht girl at Cannes? I still can't believe she was a member of the jury. Cannes is such a joke.

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