Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Blind Items Revealed #5

April 14, 2015


This former A list tweener who has been a bystander while a family member regains A list status was at Coachella and people were worried about the guy because of all the imaginary bugs he kept trying to get off him for several hours.

Joe Jonas


Royal Graffiti said...

out out damn spot

And-so-on.. said...

Just a guess. Opiods (morphine, heroin, etc.) are most strongly associated with itching as they release histamine making users itchy. Crack and meth heads pick and scratch more than they itch.

Scientists still don't completely understand why people itch, or what stimulates the urge. However, in Pop culture, "itching" is a slang demonstration of being addicted to a drug and needing more of it. Purely just an example of being controlled by an addiction.

...A well documented symptom of amphetamine or cocaine induced psychosis is the illusion of having worms crawling under your skin. Long term crack and meth addicts will also pick at themselves until the have scabs on their face and body. This could constitute itching and is a widely observed fact, not pop culture.

Pen-a-lope said...

Methamphetamites are a itch.

H2O said...

I've always had sensitive skin which itches for no reason. I've never been anywhere near those drugs.

There are bugs called no-see-ums.

I hope that's what was bothering him. I'm not of his generation but hate to see people succumbing to drugs.

Dani said...

A lot of Meth users see "bugs" crawling over them. Why people want to use something that makes your geek out is beyond me. So Joe is now a Meth head. Wow

KT said...

Definitely either heroin or meth. I'm leaning towards heroin.


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