Monday, June 01, 2015

Blind Items Revealed #6

April 10, 2015

This recent former Bachelor currently in a relationship was hitting on this B-/C+ list singer/actress who if you are under 17 you know and if you are above 17, probably not. That isn’t the point. The former Bachelor was at a swag suite and was all over her. Would not stop. She finally told him she is 16 and he looked her up and down and said, “Well, I’m not going to wait two years for you and moved on to another woman.”

Juan Pablo


sandybrook said...

He was the douche nobody wanted right? Bachelors in relationships arent really in relationships

david said...

He obviously didn't have enough money to pay her off IF he did have sex with her.

glue said...


And-so-on.. said...

Non story of a perverted jerk that is somehow pathetic and boring?

ha_goes_wow said...

....does he know nobody knows who he is?

Brit said...

Huh? She said no. Multiple times, in multiple ways and then eventually had to tell him "no means no, or its rape, and even IF I wasn't saying no, sex with me would be rape". How can you twist that to make the young woman appear to be a gold-digging floozy?

david said...

Brit: How can you twist a simple comment into something completely stupid?
I never even implied she was a gold digger floozy. I implied that IF he did force himself on her; or, even IF she was willing; "HE DOESN'T HAVE ENOUGH MONEY TO MAKE ANY RAPE CHARGE GO AWAY! AND, HE WOULD END UP BEING A NOBODY IN JAIL! Thus, he walked away from her.
Again, another stupid reply to a humorous comment.
By the way, Brit -- because I feel as if I need to explain this to you -- he doesn't have enough money to make any charges go away much like a lot of Hollywood celebrities do -- for much worse offenses! So, Brit: IF YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND MY COMMENT, DON'T REPLY! OR, find some one who is witty, with a dry sense of humor, to proof the comment and have them explain it to you before replying with a stupid, off the cuff comment that has nothing to do with my posted comment!
And, YES! He would end up in jail for raping her!


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