Friday, June 05, 2015

Blind Items Revealed #1

April 20, 2015

This former A list tweener who has turned into a respectable A- list adult singer but is still a terrible actress likes to pretend she is innocent when it comes to her fidelity. Not so much. While her boyfriend has been begging, he would be interested to know that his girlfriend cheated on him a couple of times. She is just more discreet about it. Late nights on the pull out sofa at the recording studio she uses.

Miley Cyrus/Patrick Schwarzenegger


Derek Harvey said...

Nailed it

Princess Kate said...

Those crazy kids.

TheDude78 said...

The couch pulls out but they don't!

Kno Won Uno said...

When did she pretend innocence in anything?

Megley said...

I don't know which intern wrote this, but Miley is NOT a respectable anything. My tone-deaf son sings better than she does.

And-so-on.. said...

She plays a part according to her mood and temperament.. Forget reality, it's a new scene, new love.. and she is ever the ultra romantic, innocent character, almost always seems a preteen or teenage girl visage, who is essentially a fairy-tale heroine suddenly alive in the present, who needs a rich protector.. or a naive, ignorant and insecure (especially about her body) talented worrywart, who is now the the target of every bully in the world from obsessive fans, relatives, crazies, hangers on, backstabbers and jealous stalkers? And, all she has going for her is her pure heart, which will save her from going over the edge of despair.. and quitting life.. having tons of money and fame.. she never gives up, no matter what, and will eventually get the better of her tormentors and haters,um because she met you and she is happy again..
Cynical inside at how easy it is to get her way.. sometimes she's bad at showing gratitude; the sudden heave ho and blamed for hurting her.. for you were used as a distraction to get to her major goal.. that old flame or a new special..THE ONE she wants now..


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