Friday, December 23, 2011

Justin Bieber And His Sister Sing A Duet

During the taping of Justin Bieber's holiday special in Canada he spent some time on stage with his sister.


Sherry said...

I'll add a comment here although I know that Parisucksliterally would love to hockey stick Beiber:

Everyone have a good holiday! May you all eat well, share some love, have a few god drinks and toasts to those who can't be there.

Holiday Hugs from Belmont,California.

Jasmine said...

Is his sister's name actually JAZZY?

It's weird when people name their kids nicknames like this.

Like naming someone Suze instead of Susan or Suzie.

Sorry, pet peeve of mine. (Plus she sort of has my name so I feel entitled to chime in here)

But yeah, that was cute, and although I dont own any Bieber music, he does have a nice rich voice. That was cute.

strawberrygirl said...

Her name is Jazmine. Damn, I'm too old to know that about Bieber.

Jasmine said...

Ah okay, still, Jasmine spelled with a 'z' is so tacky to me, but good to know, thanks :))

Jeri said...

I had a cat named Jasmine that we called Jazzy. The cat didn't know the difference between S & Z. :)

Bit dams said...

"what do you want to be when you grow up" "bigger". lol, so cute. kind of adds to the christas spirit. i will add my happy holiday wishes here as well. hope everyone has a great weekend with their loved ones.

MadLyb said...

I have a dog named "Jasmine" and I call her "Jazzie" and "Jazz" when I'm irritated with her. Having lived in Salt Lake City at one point, it was not fun watching a basketball game because every time I'd root for them my dog, then a puppy, would attack me.

Dammit, I do not want to like the Biebs, but the kid is growing on me. I was hoping he'd hit that awkward stage and go away, but the kid keeps getting cuter and cuter. :(

MadLyb said...

Merry Christmas to Enty and all the Enty commenters. You are the BEST! This is the first place I surf to unwind at the end of a hellish day at work. Thank you all!

blankprincess said...

Damn, that was precious.

Henriette said...

My pet peeve too! I got a 52 year old cousin named "Danny." No it's not short for "Daniel," but Danny. My dumb aunt said everyone would call him "Danny," so why not just name him that? What an idiot. It'cute when the person is a kid, but dumb when fully grown.

This isn't the Biebs kid?


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