Friday, December 23, 2011

Melanie Amaro Wins X-Factor

In what I thought was kind of an anti-climatic ending to kind of a anti-climatic season, Melanie Amaro won $5M and the first season of X Factor. I was never really into the show at all. It never grabbed my attention like the first few seasons of American Idol. I think also that since Simon Cowell is the boss and who decides which judges get to stay, that his mentee is always going to have the best chance of winning. How hard are you going to argue against the guy who signs your paycheck and decides if your contract gets renewed?


nunaurbiz said...

I started watching the show, but I've been on the move the last two months and haven't kept up. I really liked the blues singer guy, Chris or something? Anyway, one reason I started to watch is one of the people who made the first few cuts is from my hometown and I wanted to cheer her on. When Melanie was cut from the show, then Simon made this big show of getting her back, I thought, "Oh, I think I know who's gonna win because what a great 'back story' that the gal who was once cut then given a second chance goes on to win the title."

I'm not saying she's not talented, cos I think she is, but come on, what a set up!

MnGddess said...

She gets $5 million for singing, and on Fear Factor the top prize is $50,000 for eating bugs and attempting to walk on a tightrope 40 stories above the ground. Funny.

Del Riser said...

From his first audition I wanted Josh to win. I'm a huge Joe Cocker fan and though I used to see his show every year when he came to Vegas he hasn't been in a year or two.

Melanie has a great voice in the Mariah Carey big voice style, but I think there are plenty of big voiced girl singers already on the scene.

I think Josh will do just fine anyway, now that he has been seen hopefully by folks that can give him a chance at a career.

The five million is one million a year over five years, maybe Josh is lucky he isn't tied to that contract for five years.

Del Riser said...

@ nunaurbiz, I agree, I don't think Simon should be a mentor to any of the contestants. It casts a definite "the fix is in" over the whole show.

mooshki said...

The $5 million is also an advance against the money she makes singing, so she's going to have to work for it.

Maidstone said...

I love that there were only FIVE comments to this item (as I'm typing this). What a *hit* show this is, heh?

Principessa said...

@mnggodess -- right??? I was just saying that to my fiancee while watching FF.
I actually only watched maybe 2 episodes of X-F, Simon was honestly the only judge who didn't irritate the shit out of me. LA Reid is a HUGE cunt btw, would like to slap him so hard.

Unknown said...

Anybody who understands the music industry knows she won't be seeing much of that $5million,I don't know why they shove it in peoples faces like winning a tv show is something to aspire to.

I give my full respect to people in music who did it the correct way and worked they're up, good luck to her, she's going to seriously need it, 15 min's

Anybody that disagrees with me needs to watch 'Chris Atkins' Starsuckers' documentary film. These talent show contestants are doomed from day one.


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