Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Random Photos Part Two

Josh Duhamel is a couple of weeks late for Movember.
Jennifer Elia emerges from her house and faces the paps.
Brad Pitt and his new best friend Jonah Hill after eating dinner last night.
Kate Hudson in London.
Are we all going to have to spend the next 20 years looking at GaGa in costumes? Do you think she will ever go out dressed in something normal. I mean, even Diane Kruger once wore a pair of jeans and sneakers. Just once, but it was something.
Gropefest 2011 continues in Cabo.
Has anyone ever seen Mariah Carey skiing in Aspen or does she just wander the town and stores?
Antonio Banderas skis.
Maria Menounos wants you to think she ate that ice cream.


nunaurbiz said...

Hey there are a lot of things to knock Mariah Carey for, but I for one don't think not skiing should be one. I went skiing once. I decided I liked the apres-ski MUCH better. You with me, Enty, dear? Hot buttered rums all around!!!! :-D

CharRicho said...

Enty, do you think we could stop having pics of Leanne Rimes and Eddie whateverhisnameis? They're just annoying and maybe if you wouldn't post their pics, they could disappear from my consciousness.

parissucksliterally said...

I hate skiing- too awkward for me, but Mariah is not athletic in any way. Does it surprise anyone she doesn't ski?

LeAnn is so pathetic.

I can't stand Kate Hudson. ugh.

RenoBlondee said...

Maybe that blind is Kate Hudson. Is Matt A list for music?

Wil said...

I really hate Blogger. It ate my comment for the fourth day in a row on logging in. : /

Anywhoozle .. I what I said was .. Dang. Jennifer is not looking f=good and I fear my wishes for her having a safe sober break up seem to be not answered. Then I think I said something akin to I like Jennifer more than Chaz.

Then I said I do not see Mariah on skis .. nor Nick. However, I do see the babies on them. Pizza .. FRENCH FRIES!!!

Wil said...

Hum .. I wonder what f=good is? Really bad.. I guess.

Sherry said...

Who is Jennifer Elia?

Why do Leanne and Eddie constantly tweet pics of themselves? Are they so insecure about their relationship they have to present proof to the world. They're really pathetic.

Linnea said...

a) I had the same question. Based on the comments, I think she is Chaz' former fiancee.

b) Yes.

Linnea said...

Oh, and I forgot:

Whoever pointed out that Jonah Hill is regaining the weight he lost - I think you are right. He looks cute either way but he def looks heavier.

figgy said...

Yes, Jennifer Elia is Chaz's former girlfriend. She doesn't look too happy there...hunh you'd think she'd be elated to have that weight off her shoulders. Like 300 ugly pounds of weight.

Sue Ellen Mishkey said...

I legit think there's something not clean in the milk with LeAnn and Eddie's relationship. Seriously.

califblondy said...

Mariah can't dance, or even walk without an elbow-holder, I'm sure skiing is out of the question. Love her poncho thingy tho.

Jasmine said...

I bet you 10$ bucks Leann's cray cray ass saw this pic, noticed the slight side roll and FREAKED THE FUCK OUT.

It's carrots and celery for xmas dinner this year fo sho.

And yeah, it freaking pains me but all the pics of them in Cabo just reveal how cute Eddie C. is.

A jerk who makes his girfriends/wives go pro-ana? YES

A hot piece of ass that Leann definitely upgraded from the milk toast she was married to befoe? Hell Yes

Anonymous said...

Why are paps taking photos of Jennifer Elia? Does everyone who's ever had their names in a tabloid have to be photographed?

You know that Crocs discussion a few threads below? In regards to this, I would never leave the house looking like this, especially if I thought someone would see me. It's a sickness but it's who I am.

Sherry said...

Sue Ellen I think there is something weird about it too. NQR

@ Linnea-LOL! Thanks for the validation.

Jason Blue Eyes said...

Antonio is wearing the George Costanza gortex jacket.

I don't like Maria Menudo.

Mango said...

Eddie C's ex is on TRHoBH and she is lovely. I'll bet Leann is very insecure and compares herself to Brandi.

@Jason - love your Costanza reference. Happy Festivus!

Anotheramy said...

Mariah does not ski, they dont make ski boots with high heels. The reason this is even mentioned is because Mimi likes to go to Aspen to be photographed in her winter clothes and shop. She could go shopping anywhere cold but the paps are in Aspen.
Kidding aside, she really couldnt walk flat foot until she had the babies and had to work out to get the weight off.

Anonymous said...

Eh, Gaga's worn some semi normal stuff recently. Looked downright demure on occasion. Though I would her to stop dressing as the four basic food groups.

Mariah is like me: too uncoordinated to be remotely athletic. She just likes the clothes.

lutefisk said...

is that really hair on Antonio's head? I can never figure out his hairline. It looks like colorforms on his head.

mygeorgie said...

Not a fan of the Menounos, but I sure love her hair!

__-__=__ said...

Why is Jonah Hill Brad's new best friend?!?!?! What's up with that?

Jesse D said...

I don't understand walking in heels all the time. They just HURT. Every second I've ever spent in two inch heels or higher was pure.freakin.torture. How do people walk in them all the time?


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