Friday, December 28, 2007

Football And Gossip

Hey New Orleans Saints fans. You still have a tiny chance to make it to the playoffs. Of course you have to win and have the Vikings and Redskins both lose to do it, but hey, at least you have a chance. One of the ways you can win this week is with Reggie Bush. Reggie is listed as questionable on the injury report. Well maybe if he had been back in New Orleans trying to get healthy and not aggravating his knee by walking around mall after mall and then banging the hell out of his girlfriend all week you might have improved your chances.

The photo above is Reggie Bush. I'm sure everyone recognizes he is with Kim Kardashian the most boring porn star who ever porned. (Not as good as the gayest gay who ever gayed, but you get the point) Reggie flew all the way from New Orleans to LA to spend time with his honey for Christmas. Nothing wrong with that. However if I were a Saints fan and there was just one game left and my star player spent an entire day walking around a mall and now says his knee is too sore to play, I might be a bit pissed. One game left and he can't wait one week to walk around a mall. I know she needs a little shopping to make her more receptive, but couldn't you have just stayed in a hot tub or ice bath and given her your credit card? OK, bad idea. She probably would have spent it all and then tried to get a credit limit increase. But still, there must have been some way to not make yourself look like you don't even care one bit about the Saints, their fans, or your fans.


Anonymous said...

who gets full hair and make-up for a mall trip?

kellygirl said...
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kellygirl said...

@ p.m.
if you saw KKK without full hair and makeup you would vomit!
She is almost as manly as her mother.
The most feminine face in that family is Bruce Jenner

Kristen S. said...

I just googled, and she looks MUCH cuter and younger without makeup!

Jesse D said...

Aww I'd have to agree Kristen S. - she looks MUCH better without makeup. And as a former New Orleanian and Saints fan, I'll say REGGIE BUSH NEEDS HIS A$$ KICKED. Thank you.

Maja With a J said...

LOL @ most boring porn star who ever porned.

I find a lot of women look a lot younger and fresher without makeup on. I also find that I am not one of those women.

captivagrl said...

ENT - thanks for outing Reggie for walking around in a mall..injury huh, yea right. and she's a bore. a boring whoring bore.

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