Friday, December 28, 2007

There Ain't No Party Like A Mischa Barton Party

Mischa Barton is becoming one of my favorite celebrities. She has all the prerequisites. She thinks she is a much better actress than she actually is. She is not attractive unless photoshopped to death. She has a younger sister who is always good for something on a slow news day. She wears the most ridiculous outfits ever seen and she has been arrested. Plus, no one is really tired of her antics yet.

Because she has no sense of shame and because she has no money, Mischa is not going to try and renegotiate her contract with Luxor. Therefore on December 29th Mischa will be hosting the grand opening of the CatHouse in Las Vegas. I'm guessing she must have been paid all of about $10,000 to be there, but when you are facing jail time and big legal bills for alleged drug use, possession and DUI, what better way to face those demons than by hosting a party which will allow you to enjoy the possibility of getting busted for all of them again. I know it will be hard to accomplish since she will probably be staying at the Luxor, but one can always pray for a miracle. It's not like she is the sharpest tool in the shed and if someone suggests going somewhere after the grand opening, I think we all can count on Mischa to grab the car keys first.

Do you think she will invite her sister?


WTF said...

Does the question at the end suggest they are the answer to the sisters who are feuding?

Julie said...

she was in tart with dominique swain, wasn't she?
what did she think of her then?

she must have been really young tho

Unknown said...

WTF... I think that is what he is saying. I thought they both had drug issues and the blinds always referred to the more famous sister as being a "non-user" so I am confused

Sydney in Wonderland said...

When I was little, I went to the same camp as Mischa one summer. No, not like cabins and cockroaches, because 98% of the campers were spoiled rich brats. My five-year-old sensibilities told me that Mischa was all right -- sweet, but dumb. She didn't seem to realize that her family had money.

Even then she wanted to be a (mediocre) actress then, fawning over our biggest celebrity, the girl from Barney that carried around the teddy bear.

captivagrl said...

yes, this must confirm the fueding sisters?

captivagrl said...
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Kim's World said...

cant be the feuding singer because one of them is a singer....

GammaGirl said...

I thought ent dropped a clue too, but as Km2003 pointed out, the BI is a about a singer.
So I guess that means it was about Duff Sisters? said...

Things Mischa Barton is famous for:

- Being on the OC, which I didn't watch, but didn't she get fired or something? So she couldn't have been all that.
- Slurping on a joint so hard that she might have been trying to suck a golfball through a garden hose.
- Getting slapped in the face by Cisco Adler's nuts.
- Being rushed to the hospital after collapsing at Nicole Richie's party. But what really happened is she dropped acid and had a vision of her future.
- Getting arrested. They're spinning it as arrested for drugs, but really it was a Fashion Police Citizen's Arrest.
- Being my new avatar until I can think up something better.

Unknown said...

I don't know how reputable this source is, but it says that Hania Barton is an aspiring singer:
"Hania Barton is a budding British actress who showed her acting talents in the films in which she has so far performed she is also an aspiring singer."

gossiphound said...

i thought maybe this was a hint to the "feuding sisters" also..

RandomRamblings said...

Does Mischa Barton have a career left to ruin? It is just going downhill every day. Different blogs have hinted that all of the OC cast are huge partiers and like to get wild. I wouldn't be suprised if we see Adam Brody, Rachel Bilson, or Benjamin McKenzie do something similar and get caught. The question will be if anyone actually cares enough to make it news. None of the OC kids have done anything after the show ended to be news worthy.

alan said...

Where is Ryan Atwood to come to the rescue of Marissa by punching someone in the face when you need him?

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