Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Riley Has Nudes Of Lindsay

I honestly don't believe that Lindsay Lohan would allow herself to be photographed nude. Yes, she is not above flashing some crotch or not wearing a bra, but even she is not dumb enough to let a guy she barely knew take naked photos of her. Riley Giles is running around trying to cash in by claiming that he has nude photos of Lindsay and photos which show her in some very compromising positions. He has hinted these photos are of Lindsay not being so clean and sober. Again, as dumb as Lindsay has been in the past, I don't think she is letting people snaps photos of her doing lines of coke. I am wishy-washy on my support of Lindsay, but I actually think she is clean, or at least clean enough to where she is going to be ok for awhile. She knows she needs to regain her reputation which is one of the reasons I think she kicked Riley to the curb.

Riley was the equivalent of an onset romance. Once the production has ended you realize you don't have anything in common and you split. Hopefully you have left nothing incriminating behind or taken home a nine month present or STD and you move on to the next set and the next romance. All I think Riley has are some more teasing photos like the one he has already sold above, and maybe, just maybe a topless photo. Maybe. His problem is that only foreign magazines will pay top dollar for one topless photo. US, People, and the other usual suspects here in the US can't run them uncensored and therefore they will not be a big seller. Plus, people like me will just show the uncensored ones on our site leaving the magazines out of luck.

Grow up Riley and just hang onto them as memories and show them off to your friends as proof twenty years from now that you had sex with a movie star. When you have ballooned up to a cool 300 and have a wife and four kids, those photos might be the only thing keeping you going.


Anonymous said...

...which shows he was only into the fame, not the girl. DOUCHE!

WTF said...

My guess is that Lindsey is the real seller, he's just the broker.

She's pocketing the money.

kellygirl said...

I agree, WTF!!!!
That was the first thing that popped in my head.
She is clearly broke and desperate.
She'll be selling her body to anyone with enough money before '09

Nice job, Dina!

kellygirl said...
This comment has been removed by the author. said...


califblondy said...

Okay, raise your hands if you DON'T have naked pictures of Lindsay.

No one? That's what I figured.

Unless she flashes the infamous firecrotch, I wonder how much money she, um, I mean he, could get?

jax said...

he's just bitter cuz he dumped his 'fiance' for her.

spank bank it and be done with it dude.

kellygirl said...

no one cares


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