Friday, December 28, 2007

Golden Globes Canceled?

On Thursday, Writers Guild strike coordinator Jeff Hermanson announced plans to picket the show, which would likely result in most celebrities shying away. No celebrity is going to walk through a cordon of picketing writers to attend an award show. With new talks not set to begin until January 7th at the earliest, that would only give negotiators a few days to work out an agreement prior to the January 13th telecast. Lucky for all of us, the AVN Awards which occur in Las Vegas on January 12th have no such problems. On that night the porn stars of the world will unite and I know it is hard to believe but most porn movies don't have WGA members writing for them. Shocker isn't it?

If the Golden Globes are canceled, then it would put even more pressure on both sides of the strike to get a deal done prior to the Academy Awards. Even if the Golden Globes telecast is canceled, the awards will be still given out. No doubt Pauly Shore will be there and will be happy to accept any and all awards on the behalf of the winners.

So far, the only show of any note which will go on as planned are the SAG Awards which was given a waiver by the WGA. Rumer Willis for one is praying that the Golden Globes airs because honestly, what are the odds that the HFPA can't find someone better looking than her next year to be Miss Golden Globes.


Rare Avis said...

I really hope they get cancelled. I think that will light a fire under these talks.

Kristen S. said...

I hope they get cancellled so that there might be something watchable on TV that night.

__-__=__ said...

I hope they get canceled so we don't have to look at Rumer.

Green Sea Anemone said...

Did I read somewhere - or hallucinate - that Tina Fey stated she was going to attend regardless of the WGA's stance? Rather shocking, coming from her.

RandomRamblings said...

I doubt that Tina Fey would attend the Golden Globes. She has been one of the more vocal actors in favor of the WGA and their stand. She wouldn't be able to live it down.

If the Golden Globes are cancelled, either the networks will wake up and deal immediately or they will get so angry that they will hold out and not deal with anyone for months, maybe even a year. I hope the first option happens but sadly I think the second one will occur.

Judi said...

I hope WGA give the Globes a waiver like they did for the SAGs. I'm pulling for Marion Cotillard to win lots this year and, even though I totally support the WGA, I'd like her to be able to receive whatever honors she's given. Just bad timing for her.
I don't think anything's going to happen with the longterm issues though, and I do think SAG and DGA will join the strike when their contracts are up in June. Then the industry (except for music) will come to a screeching halt.

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