Monday, December 24, 2007

Talk About Massaging An Interview

In the latest News of The World they trumpet their exclusive interview with Riley Giles. You may remember Riley. He used to be famous for five minutes as the boyfriend of Lindsay Lohan. I don't know if you want to spend five of your fifteen minutes of fame as someone's bitch, but so far that is really all he is known for.

When I read the News Of The World interview I had a passing interest in what Riley had to say, and if you read my blog, you know that what Riley told the News of the World may be what he was thinking, but to think he ever delivers words of more than three syllables is stretching it. I'm sure the editors were so confused about what he was saying, and convinced that no one could be that dumb, that they changed about 90% of what he said to fit their story. It's not like Riley is going to probably (a) read News Of The World or (b) know how to sue if he is pissed.

When the story first broke about Riley and Lindsay and how he had cheated on his girlfriend and Lindsay was a homewrecker, I took a chance and decided to e-mail Riley. I asked something innocuous like if he had anything further to add to the interview he gave InTouch Magazine because the home wrecker charge was just being leveled. Here is what Riley had to say. Excuse the punctuation, etc. I don't think they are teaching it in the schools today.

ive said everything there is to be said. i gave my interview yesterday to intouch. we dated for almost 2 years. i went into treatment to get the help i needed, and she wasnt down with that. she needs an intervention, herself. i broke it off with her before i entered cirque, because of our unhealthy relationship. i just cant swallow the lies shes been telling the media/press. linds & bree know about eachother, and have for close to 2 months now. shes a very jealous person.
Now compare that quote which is word for word from Riley to this from News of The World.

"From that moment it was on," he recalled as he described their first snatched passionate kiss in a corridor, strictly against the rules. "The chemistry between us was so strong we couldn't help ourselves.

I imagine his actual quote was something more along the lines of we kissed and f**ked all the time.

Over the next ten hours or so Riley and I e-mailed each other in an effort for him to give me so inside scoop on the ex and Lindsay, as well as all of those MySpace messages he and his ex were sharing that day. Although I attributed them to a "friend" of Riley, it was actually Riley himself who passed them all along to me. If you want to feel your brain cells slipping away, you can reread all those MySpace messages here.

Riley was one messed up kid when I spoke to him that day. He was on the verge of a relapse, and was under incredible stress and pressure from the media, Lindsay, the ex-girlfriend and of course Mr. Hohan himself, Michael Lohan

michael told me inside editions doing a report today, and they want me to comment about that also. i think ill give it a couple days.

It seems that Michael was all over Riley from the very beginning. Everything Riley did or wanted to do he had to approve through Michael first. Here was a guy who was on the verge of relapse and to Michael, Riley was just a pawn in his daughter's career and Michael's need to be in front of the media all of the time.

This last message I will share with you, shows some of the worst grammar known to man, but also shows a guy on the edge.

i just approved the shit, and put all her messages in a blog, idk wut to fuckin do man! i cant fuckin relasp dude!!

So now, when you read the News Of The World story, why don't you see where they might have helped things along a little in the direction they wanted it to go. You can read the story here.


Kory said...

I could not agree with you more that he is not capable of expressing real emotions like that in words other than f*cking and s*cking. I distinctly remember reading some of those My Space posts and being utterly disgusted at his lack of education (and hers).

He caused his own situation. I feel no pain for this moron. He was starstruck by a Hollywood skank ho. He knew not to get into a new relationship while recovering. He made his own bed. Anyone who gets involved with that bitch will have her bad karma spill all over them.

Merry Christmas.

Anonymous said...

Yeah when I read all that stuff I knew there was no way he'd actually sat there and said all those things. Mostly because it sounds like what a woman would say, in her head, as she's writing her own romance novel starring herself.

Bottom line he's a pudgy ass putz.

Anonymous said...

lol that is PRICELESS--"The chemistry was so strong we couldnt help ourselves"

That should really read "We were both bored out of our minds, and as we're both addicts, we're always looking for the next thrill or rush. To tell you the truth, we were both scouting for some ass. She made it really easy on me, so I went for it. We're both so unable to deal with reality that we distract ourselves with whatever is handy, and so for us, it was fucking nonstop. I mean, look at my pudgy ass! Think she would fuck me unless she was really really bored??"

Jerry said...

New Of The World, huh? Which world exactly are we talking about here?

jin said...


what weight do you give to the word circulating that they split the $ from the interview?

he said she was wild, sexy and toned (when ppl are saying she's chunky) and that's not unwelcomed press to blohan these daze, considering the curb-murder-by-mercedes, those-weren't-my-coke-pants past.

jin said...

and ent, was this before or after the hotel du dirty syringe?

not unusual for addicts to leap forward in addiction during relapse and has he been heard from since? poor guy.


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