Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Blind Item #3

This former A list tweener is tired of other people getting all the attention she feels she deserves. Her singing comeback was a disaster and her return to acting has not been much better. So, she took matters into her own hands but called it inspiring others. Such a crock. She wants a reality show and offers for appearances and thinks this will get it for her.


Tricia13 said...

Hilary Duff

TiniMartini said...

Zing, Tricia!

Good morning!

Tricia13 said...

Good morning TiniMartini!!

Planet J said...

Agreed..Hilary Duff.

Riven said...

Honestly, I still think her separation was originally a PR stunt to get her name back in the press and help secure the tv and/or radio deal. Unfortunately, I think she was also casting couching for the same reasons, leading to Mikey's little drunken breakdown.

I used to like her, but I like good ole Canadian boys more. Team Mike.


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