Thursday, March 19, 2015

Blind Items Revealed #4

November 19, 2014

This A+ list mostly movie actress thinks she has this B list foreign born co-star wrapped around his finger. Nope, because apparently he has been also hooking up regularly with this other B list co-star who has been really good at acting since her first role as a tweener.

Jennifer Lawrence/Liam Hemsworth/Jena Malone


And-so-on.. said...

She truly sucks with hookups, casual dating and reliable relationships.

Penelope 2 said...

Miley Cyrus and Jena Malone- Liam doesn't like his women pretty.

david said...

Poor, Jennifer. Since she has won her Oscar, she can't seem to hook up with the right guy.

robyn said...

Enty has her hooking up with Bradley, Liam, Chris Martin, & David O Russell, and all of them suck. Throw Nick H in there too

PersianLa27 said...

Liam Hemsworth is a manwhore,and does not surprise me about J-Law ,as the rumors about them sleeping together have been going on for years.

Jena Malone,well I don't see the attraction with her,but I guess when you are
Liam Hemsworth,ex of Miley Cyrus,then you let your ego get 2 your head,no
pun intended of course.

PersianLa27 said...

As for J-Law ,well known she did not get to the top by her
acting abilities alone,and those nudie pics of her show she
has a freaky side to her.

She thinks her shit don't stink,guess this is a good learning lesson for her.

Sometimes its best to keep your legs closed.

PersianLa27 said...

J-Law is a ho-bag,who hasn't she been

nancy said...

Wow jealous much?

Sonia said...

nancy, agreed. wow, all the hate and the need for people to be sexually demeaning to this women is truly repulsive. Also, the victim blaming associated to this "leak", which is actually a form of organized criminal revenge porn is just beyond my ability to grasp. People seem proud to have looked and totally at peace with drawing all kinds of judgments about her private life and possible partners due to it. Sickening

I haven't seen anything in her dating past that improper or to "poor Jen" about. She seems to have had a very short rebound fling with a rockstar she had a crush on and then focused on work. Not my taste, but neither was Nick tbh. Who she was with for years. That is her type.

A single young successful women enjoying her life if apparently something the world can't stand. All the gossip about Liam is exactly when happened with Bradley Cooper.

mhip said...



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