Thursday, March 19, 2015

Blind Item #7 - Kindness

This former A+list mostly movie actor who will probably be permanently A list despite some truly awful movie choices because the fans, especially female (and his stalkers) will always love him mad everyone's day the other day. Our actor was at a hotel pool and having a cocktail or two and was talking to a woman who was there on her honeymoon. Our actor told the bartender to buy the woman and her husband a bottle of champagne and then said that he was actually going to buy the drinks for everyone for the next hour. $20K he dropped.


Derek Harvey said...

Keanu Reeves

Frufra said...

I second that - Keanu.

Guess I've been hanging around here a long time - I can usually guess these without even reading the whole post. Not that I'm complaining :-).

My 16 year old and my hubby thought John Wick was great. The 13 year old and I rolled out eyes throughout.

Planet J said...

I third it - Keanu.

That was cool of him to do. I still think he's a time traveling immortal..haha..HE DOES NOT AGE!
I watch to much YouTube.

Dena said...

I kind of wish he had kept the money for the engagement ring he's going to buy me one day, but whatever.

Hegg said...

I've heard many, many of these types of kindnesses about him up here in Canadaland.Which is why I found the whole cheating taxes with an overseas dependent story from here a bit unbelievable. He has a reputation for being generous with his money.


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