Monday, March 16, 2015

Blind Items Revealed #2

October 26, 2014

This former ANTM favorite is a huge favorite of the Silicon Valley crowd because she makes all their nerd fantasies come true. It is expensive, but they love they have seen her on multiple reality shows and “gets them.”

Adrianne Curry


Jonathan Andrew Sheen said...

There are times I wish I was a wealthy, single Silicon Valley tycoon with money to blow.

Rahm E said...

Get that money, girl.

She's not bad, if you're into Laura Prepon with black hair.

Planet J said...

I use to read her blog years ago on girl is crazy!

coffeerox said...

What a fucking whore. I gave my endorsement to her, which I don't do for a lot of celebs. I watched her Twitch streams, supported her on Twitter. I usually know very quickly whether to give or drop support. Granted, I did drop support b/c of some red flags but it did take awhile.

When she started streaming on Twitch, I started watching and at first, it was cool, but she became insufferable as it went on. She belched A LOT. A few here and there, whatever, but as time went on, it's like damn, have some manners.

One of the things I'm sensitive to when it comes to women and gaming on Twitch are the fake 'camwhores' who are obviously bad at the game but at the same time, garner many subscriptions to unsuspecting fans. She's one of em, and she supports other obvious women.

Next thing is that she talks a lot about the terrible things that happened in her past. I'm sympathetic to the plights of other people but it's not cool and definitely suspect if she keeps repeating that same story.

She talks a lot about her not wanting to be whored out and that she could if she wanted to. She says that she doesn't and I believed and admired her for that. To see that it's an outright lie is absolutely disgusting and I'm shocked at myself for not seeing the signs earlier.

Even my friend pointed out a lie (and he doesn't even know who she is) and I didn't take it serious. Adrianne said that she didn't spend much on the cards and my friend pointed out that she has the rarest cards that cost a lot of money to acquire and not only that but she had a deck that was beyond her skill level. She didn't even use the deck correctly.

mhip said...

I was standing next to her at a premiere once...
The face is not good.


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