Monday, April 21, 2008

Don't Do It Kim

Since Sean Combs can't find another woman who will put up with his BS on a regular basis, he has decided to kiss the ass of one woman who did put up with it, in exchange for a certain lifestyle. Combs was seen out and about with Kim Porter last Friday as he attempted to convince her that he would only cheat on her once or twice a week instead of everyday.

She would probably be ok with that because she said in earlier interviews that she doesn't believe that any man can ever be 100% faithful. That sounds like Combs drilling that into her head for their entire ten year relationship rather than something she necessarily personally believes. She did say they broke up because he was cheating, but maybe it was because he fell in love with one of them and it wasn't just about sex and having women watch him dress each night, but was about love and romance and not giving enough money to Kim.

My money on the other woman would be Sienna Miller or Aubrey from that group that pretends they are an actual group. You know the one. Slutanity Kane.

So, would you take him back? Sharon Osborne did say once that he smells nicer than any other man on earth.


jax said...

take him back? i wouldn't have taken him the first time let alone 10 years of his self promotion.

he strikes me as the type of guy who refers to himself in the 3rd person during sex.

Anonymous said...

Seems like these people live by an entirely different set of relationship rules. For all we know this could be a cold, calculating game played by Kim. Maybe she doesn't love him or care for him, maybe she never did. But if she gets into it now, after all this, she has no one to blame but herself. I bet all that money could pay for a boyfriend who could hold his tongue and not blow your cover, though. I don't know that I could be with a man who'd humiliate me regularly, AND have no love in my matter the $. said...

mmmm....Diddy loves making you scream, baby...LOLOLOLOLOLOL!!

She probably will just take him back long enough to get the house paid off.

MnGddess said...

Bren - I'd make him GIVE me the damn house, never mind the payments.

mooshki said...

A free house wouldn't be worth the pain of spending time with an ego as big as his.

Judi said...

Let's get this outta the way: No one's to blame for Diddy's actions except Diddy.
I'm with Jax. He's repulsive.

Anonymous said...

Kim was always bragging that Combs alway ends up coming back to her no matter who he was with. Probably she likes the idea of playing martyr. She does have a good head where money is concern.

For the life of me I would not go back to a jerk who feels that he has to prove how manly he is by being a two, three, four timer.

Somewhere I read that he goes both ways. This guy must have himself tested probably every weekend.

what is eight past six? said...

Kim strikes me as someone who just wants to be the 'main chick.' She couldn't give two shits about who else he is sleeping with...she just wants to be the one he takes on the red carpet and throws money on. She wants the bragging rights. Someone needs to tell her this isn't much to brag about. If I'm wrong for thinking that about her, then...oh, well.

And it always struck me as funny in a sad sort of way because she's really anything BUT the main woman in his life; he is constantly making her look like a fool and only runs back to her when there is no one else to call.

That's not to excuse Diddy for being the asswipe that he is. He's obnoxious. But if Kim thinks it's worth putting up with him to live 'the life' then more power to her, but it couldn't be me.


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