Friday, April 25, 2008

Heidi Fleiss Headed To Celebrity Rehab

According to Radar, Heidi Fleiss is headed to Celebrity Rehab for her addictions to meth and Vicodin. That is one hell of a combination. I wish Heidi all the best, but honestly she just doesn't seem to be a group reality person. Her own show yes. But she just doesn't seem like she would play well with others which is why the casting people put her on the show. Also the fact that although lots of celebrities need rehab, how many want to admit it and actually air it in front of the public.

I mean no one knew who half the cast was last season and they probably had even less people show up this time. Hell, half of them are going to be reality celebrities anyway. That's not actually celebrity rehab, that's real rehab. Why give the people an extra 15 minutes just because they got themselves an addiction.

I think their 15 minutes led to the addiction in the first place. Why encourage it by giving them more fame?


kimmypie1 said...

Pasadena Rehab Center (where the show is filmed) is apparantly a sh*thole and they remodeled the one wing where the show was filmed to make the whole place look nice. While that show was being taped there were real people there in rehab at the same time, just in different wings. Those other wings were nothing like the one on the show.

But I still love Dr. Drew and think he is hot, especially when they showed his biceps when he wore a t-shirt, who knew?

Dick Insideu said...

Tom Cruise is Satan

CT-Hilltopper said...

I never really considered Heidi Fleiss a celebrity.

I would ask if we've gotten to a point in this country where simply screwing the rich and famous (whether you get paid for it or not) makes anyone a celebrity, but then I look at some of the skanks that get talked about in Hollywood and elsewhere and realize we've been at that point for a good long time.

Anonymous said...

I wonder what she thinks she stands to gain from airing her dirty laundry. Public opinion has never kept her in line previously, and if her only motivation is to raise her star profile, this is a pretty lousy way to do it (and the attempt itself is pathetic at best.)

ms_wonderland said...

Indiobiatch - at least she has a 'talent' and worked hard for her notoriety. More than you can say for the celebusluts.

selenakyle said...

Yeah, I remember Heidi bragging in (I think it was) Maxim that she'd never eaten fast food in her whole healthy California life, blah blah blah...yeah, riiiiiight.
The meth & pills must've helped you keep such a healthy glow all this time.

Spring Luvr said...

To the Tom Cruise Is Satan guy:

1) I dont have anything to do with "law women"
2) I'm entitled to my opinion
3) Tina Fey is funny, sexy and smart
4) all qualities you don't have and can't marry into

5) so blow it out your ass.

YahMoBThere said...

kimmypie, that's what I yelled out to my television set when I saw Dr. Drew in a t-shirt. Holy crap, WHO KNEW???!!!!

YahMoBThere said...

Spring luvr, no need to get upset. Asshat's posts are pulled anyway.

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