Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Random Photos Part One

The amazing Amber Tamblyn was on Capitol Hill yesterday to talk about affordable birth control which is an issue that is incredibly important to her. (ECA)

Somehow I don't think Brian Grazer is going to get a second date.
I know I posted a photo of Ashton Kutcher from this premiere yesterday, BUT, I thought he deserved another shot because he spent two hours. That's right. Two hours signing autographs at the premiere. That was a very nice thing to do.
Do you get the feeling that Andrew Keegan probably has some interesting things he could share?
Ariana Huffington looks amazing. Hey, you should all know by know that I am not above kissing butt when appropriate and this seems like a very good butt to kiss.
If it had not been for Amber, David Bowie and Iman would have been on top. They are celebrity. They are class. Plus, they each became famous for actually doing something.

In the adorable photo of the day this is Connie Talbot from Britain's Got Talent. Part of her world tour in Korea.
Gerard Butler said he wouldn't ever kiss Cameron Diaz because she was ugly, but he has been making out with Cheryl Burke. I'm not sure that is a step up from Cameron.
Brian J. White in his first appearance in the photos.
Brett Ratner and "guest." Don't you just love that term?
Hopefully Jason Lewis got to keep some of that booze. That stuff is good drinking.

Gwyneth Paltrow actually looks really good.
Gayle King showed up without a guy, or Oprah. She looks good though.
I need a posse. 50 Cent brought a posse for his trip to the Australian MTV Music Awards. If I had a posse you think I could get them all to wear the same shoes?
Dita von Teese is also schilling for the liquor company, and looks incredible.

Maybe it is the perv in me, but I really like the low waisted jeans better. Minka Kelly looks good, but I like the bare stomach look.

My weekly photo of Miranda Kerr.
Mischa Barton's hair grows at some astronomical rate that must boggle scientists. That is some big hair. Not Al Pacino big, but big.
The rumors are true. Jessica Simpson does rub male crotches.
So I guess I am forgiven, and so Jamie Lynn Sigler gets back on the photos.
Robert DeNiro and the always lovely Grace Hightower.

I must be in a good mood because Nicole Richie looks good also. Is that a bodyguard? Come on.
Pierre Antonio with the best PR person in LA, Nicole Elieff.
Want to make all your troubles go away? Go to the UN, and flash all the world's representatives your breasts.
I get the feeling that if Maria Shriver were born about ten years later she would have tats and body piercings.
Zoe Kravitz looks amazing.

Hey, it's a Wiggle with his own family. I bet that kid hates sing a long time though.
Shakira was also on Capitol Hill yesterday, and for some reason had male staffers following her all day long to listen to her ideas.
Sarah Harding seems a bit irked. I guess she thought the Wii was actually a vibrator.
I miss the old RuPaul.


Anonymous said...

Um, either RuPaul got cheek implants or that's the worst case of liporeformation (I forget the exact term) from HIV meds I've seen in a really long time.

Ashton's from the midwest, that's why he's a decent guy. :)

I had a friend who worked for Arianna. She's a bitch through-and-through, but she gets the job done. And you gotta respect her for that.

Maven said...

What happened to my Ru??!!

Eireman said...

LMAO it's Brian GRazer and he's been dating Chau-Giang Nguyen for some time now.

rakemama said...

I've always found Anthony Wiggle (the yellow one) to be the hottest of the Wiggles (shut up, I've got kids), but he's looking a little thin here...not his best look.

Unknown said...

What was the comment about Andrew Keegan knowing a lot all about??

Unknown said...

And was the Jamie Lynn Sigler comment a clue to something?

jas faulkner said...

Aw Ru...

Amber T looks lovely.

Ent in a good mood is a fun read. :)

captivagrl said...

LOVE that dress on Iman. nicole looks like an asshole in that outfit, pediatric scrubs?

RagDoll said...

Minka Kelly isn't our collective warning against the dangers of high-waisted pants. They ai't my favorite, but Jamie-Lynn Sigler found a worse (pleated front, ugh) pair....

SisterMaryHotPantz said...

No, No, No, Jamie Lynn Sigler. Just say NO to pleated pantz!!!!!

Gwenny, looks so much better with out all that hair.

I luff me some Jason. Is he gay?

MnGddess said...

LOL at Gerard Butler. But it looks to me like he prefers brunettes.

I knew the man had class.

jax said...


Keegan...who dated Jessica Biel?

jebus Bowie looks like he's gonna yell at you to get off his lawn.

jason lewis..mmm momma like.

sorry mischa the hair is hideous.

considering ive never heard of Pierre..the pr cant be that good lol.

aww Rupaul..DN i think you're pot on.

jax said...

LOL! spot on.
oops freudian.

dee dee lefrak said...

RuPaul...! :(

Sending him best wishes!

Liebez said...

sarah harding for the BI of the singer and the dildo

hunter said...

Aw RuPaul has all our love.

Girlz not lookin so good though, must have been working that ass overtime

: (

Mikael said...

Keegan also dated LeAnn Rimes so he perhaps has insider information on the hubby.

ms_wonderland said...

Not very gallant comment by Gerard Butler. He's not going to be working with Cameron any time soon.

surfer said...

so my thoughts are these....

As with every Amber Tamblyn post, the letters ECA follow. Obviously an inside joke.

Does this mean we can we expect to see Andrew Keegan in FFF?

I'm sure it's only because of where she's positioned, but Minka Kelly has a little Ed Grimley thing happening in this photo.

And Ent, how about some new adjectives (to replace amazing, looks great) - fantastic, gorgeous, terrific? Just sayin'. Otherwise, great comments.

Unknown said...

What the hell is going on with Naomi Campbell - is she BALD under there???? O_O

Andrew Keegan was also in 10 Things I Hate About You with, of course, Heath Ledger. I don't doubt he "has some interesting things he could share". And I'm also sure he's a blind somewhere... ;)

Gerard didn't actually call Cameron ugly, did he??? If he did, what a rude dick. Re; Cheryl Burke - maybe he's another Clooney, wants his women cheap, slutty & desperate. AKA Cheryl Burke.

"Grace Hightower" has got to be like one of the best names ever. Like a superhero or a bond girl or something. Awesome.

I LOVE Nicole Ritchie's dress. No, it's not for everyone, but I think she really pulls it off.

Judi said...

Don't know where Gerard's remark about Cam came from; we've already seen photos of them smooching. Thinking that IF he said it, it was to take the piss.
Love, love RuPaul. Jamie looks awful; 90's clothes and girl doesn't know how to dress.

Anonymous said...

Surfer: ECA - I think it means "Ent's close associate".

I think we need Ent to have Amber give us the lowdown on the rumor she's dating David Cross.

Rare Avis said...

Um I think (think?!?) I went to Brett Ratner's wedding. It was @ Spago BH. I sat across from this agent who is Annette Funicello's ex, Jack Gilardi. I kept confusing him with Jack Girardi. See, they serve rose champagne by the glass at Maestro's next door. By the glass, hmmm. I think I had a few (ahem). It was a Greek wedding that is for sure because there was that circle thing and alotta oooopah! I do remember heckling Brett when he gave his speech that was so self indulgent it stopped just short of a tube of ky and a box of kleenex. No, I don't think it was him, maybe he was the 'best' man?

surfer said...

I think you're onto something dn. Maybe she's one of Ent's spies - possibly WD - who we're all so sure is America. Ya never know.

Spring Luvr said...

"The rumors are true. Jessica Simpson does rub male crotches." -- what rumors are those? I need to read more blinds, I guess.

Mischa Barton's been with some nasty dudes, but I have to tell you, I have seen her look so beautiful at times that I don't care.

If I was Nicole Richie, with all the media exposure she has, I'd get a body guard too. I know she doesn't deserve all the attention she gets but thats not the point. If you can afford it, and you know they can, why take the chance? After that one girl was shot out of the blue several years ago, why would you leave yourself vulnerable to nuts if you dont have to? They'll never miss the money they pay the guy.

Greg said...

I hope Ru is ok. He looks like Scatman Cruthers in this pic. And Im not trying to be funny...

writerw$$$$$ said...

OMG nycer you're right. Knew this wasn't a real hollywood lawyer but damn. Not a typo just plain ignorance. Glazer? Jon Peters wives? There's so many more too, sad. Oh well I guess the fun will be to tune in once in awhile and see who's still buying it. Pretty obviu=ous now that you point it out.

Julie said...

i would love for JLSigler (not to be confused with JLS(last name we do not mention) to be the vodka swilling ER from how did you spend your friday night...
but is she really A LIST? did she win any awards? lol

that freakin bi is still on my mind IRKS me :P

c17 said...

1) I think Ashton seems like a good guy, regardless of what the press thinks.

2) Gerad Butler is an ass - Cameron looks like a REAL chick.

3) I want to be Dita in my next life. She is amazing!

4) Don't know who Sarah Harding is, but I agree - I'd be disappointed that it wasn't a vibrator as well.

5) I knew Ru back in Atl. in the 80's & he's a great guy. And all those peeps who didn't believe me when I said he had freckles can KISS MY ASS!

c17 said...

DNfromMN: Didn't want to say anything, but I thought the same. I hope Ru is ok.

Spring Luvr said...

Case in point, Mischa looking great:

You can change the URL number 1 thru 8.

zene: you think tis site is totally fake? rly?

K said...

Butler didn't say Cam was ugly.. the paps asked if they were dating and he said look, if I walk my dog, does it mean I'm f***ing it?

So that means no, he wasn't dating Cam!

I don't think Cam or Cheryl are his type.. cam isn't that nice looking, and Cheryl will probably be a 'friend-with-benefits'.

mooshki said...

I hate Ariana, but I love HuffPo.

Brett's date is "guest" because he couldn't be bothered to learn her name.

I can't believe Mischa actually looks good for a change!

mooshki said...

p.s. The Wii already is a vibrator. Sadly, YouTube pulled the video showing how to hack it. said...


First thing I thought, "What happened to Dave Chapelle?"

When you go to a Wiggles concert, it's the real Wiggles!!! Not some people pretending to be the Wiggles. I think that is so great!

I am concerned about Mischa Barton and her lack of muscle tone. I wonder how she can hold up her head with that hair on it.

fuddhist_ said...

c17: Sarah Harding is in a girl group that is very popular in the UK--don't remember the name

Yeah, I think Gerard Butler's statement about Cam Diaz was misconstrued. He never said she was ugly that I read anywhere else

Is Mischa still with the guy from Rooney?

La Tanguerita said...

Iman look so gorgeous, it hurts. I mean, isn't she fifty-three years old?


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