Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Ex Governor Enjoyed Using Toys---On Himself

Eliot Spitzer just keeps getting kinkier. The feds have apparently found a brand new hooker that the Gov liked to use when Ashley Dupre was unavailable or when he needed a little spice. Hey, when you need spice and you are already using hookers, you know you are in a no win situation. Turns out this hooker has just been providing detail after detail about what the Gov enjoyed.

--Didn't like to wear a condom

Well, I don't think any guy likes to wear a condom, but when one is having sex with someone who has sex with hundreds of different partners each year, then unless you want your d**k to look like the lungs of an Ebola patient, then a condom would be a good idea.

--Spitzer loved sex toys to enhance his own pleasure.

Well, I won't even go there, because as I have said before this is a family site. (Oh, btw, FFF big and spectacular tomorrow) Lets just say that there is a big difference between say, a finger, and hooker #2 strapping on an accessory, if you know what I mean.

--Loves props

Well who doesn't. I mean food, drinks, toys, little people. It is all just part of having fun. Oh, don't forget the motor oil.

--Likes to keep his socks on

Hey so did the guy who had sex with Jessica Sierra. Actually I think guys like keeping their socks on if they don't respect the person they are with; if they think they made need to get away quickly; if they are planning on leaving right after; if they have some type of foot fungus; or their feet just get cold. I mean come on, there really is nothing sexier than a guy having sex with socks all the way up to his calves.

Oh, and this 2nd hooker, she is not Kristin Davis. Kristin Davis is the madam who came out before and said she had sex with Spitzer. I guess she isn't considered the second hooker because she is actually a madam. So basically what you have is 2 hookers, a madam and a Governor. Now all you need is some cheap beer and that is an event everyone on the site will be wanting to attend.

No pictures of the 2nd hooker yet. But there will be.


princess pea said...

Oooh baby, can't wait for tomorrow!

lutefisk said...

any chance of a sneak peek?

Ask A Hooker said...

Oooh you can bet your sweet bippy I'll be updating my blog soon with this one! Spurred all kinds of ideas on what to write heh heh >:)

Jackson Griffith said...

Forget the pictures. Does she have a MySpace page and some lame dance tracks?

CarolMR said...

How can we expect teens to have safe sex when supposedly smart adults won't?

lutefisk said...

carolmr, I have a 14 year old daughter who is due for that HPV vaccination. I told her it is 3 shots that hurt. She declined having it. Thank goodness she is a wimp!

My pediatrician said most girls think that once they have the vaccination, it is like a green light to go ahead & do whatever. That is why at least 25% of teenage girls have some kind of STD. UGH!

weezy said...

Oy, Elliot. I went by their apartment building (his dad owns it) Monday on Fifth Ave., and the building manager is clever -- they've suddenly decided to do work requiring all the windows be covered with tape and plastic and a major scaffolding be put out front over the driveway.

Marnie said...

This is going to be awesome. Princeton, Harvard, aced the LSAT, brought down the Gambinos. This man doesn't do anything in half measures. I'm expecting the craziest operatic fantasy sex scenario of all time, Eyes Wide Shut style.

Ayesha said...

LOL, Marnie.

It's always the righteous ones with the kinkiest fetishes.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if a movie is on the making and how kinky it will be LOL.

jax said...


c17 said...


Look, a lot of the appeal of "high-class' escort services is because the girls get tested regularly & are disease-free. And maske their clients wear a condom. Remember how Ashley wouldn't do him without a condom?

If the establishment is spreading disease, they won't stay in business long. End of story.

c17 said...

ummm...."make" their clients use a condom. Yeah.

IKnowItAll said...

"adrian said...
carolmr, I have a 14 year old daughter who is due for that HPV vaccination. I told her it is 3 shots that hurt. She declined having it. Thank goodness she is a wimp!"

That's just great. So rather than protect her and teach her to be responsible and keep an eye on her, you can take her to chemo and radiation treatments when she develops cervical cancer at 24.
Nice parenting, adrian.

lutefisk said...

Excuse me Gabba Gabba--she knows the consequences, & it is her choice to wait. The doctor & I thoroughly explained to her what the vaccination was for, & she chose not to have it, because she felt at 14 she was too young to consider it besides not liking pain.
Not sure what kind of brothel your daughter is in, but I am thrilled to know my daughter is not being pushed into doing something she is not ready for.
And about your statement about cervical cancer at 24--you must be a very bitter person who has been screwed both figuratively & literally in life.

mooshki said...

Wow. I just deleted most of what I initially wrote, because I don't want to further a flame war, but I've gotta say you made the wrong decision, adrian. Do you think if your daughter decides to have sex at 15 she's going to come to you and say "okay, I need the vaccination now?"

lutefisk said...

I did not make the decision--my daughter did. Did you not read my post? I never talked her out of it. It was her choice not to get it.
She is actually reading this & laughing. Contrary to popular belief, most 14 & 15 year olds are not sexually active. We have a close relationship, & she said there are a handful of girls she knows who have "given hand jobs" to quote her.
Right now she & her friends are content to go to the mall , try on prom gowns, & post the photos on their facbook pages.
And yes, she has plenty of friends who are boys & they hang out, but all in groups, & in public places.
I feel sorry for girls out there whose mother's expect them to be sexually active at 15. That is a sad comment on society.

lutefisk said...

I should also add she is very far from being sheltered--she is allowed to go to concerts in NYC with her friends, has spent the past 4 years in a travel camp going everywhere from Canada to Virginia, and has no restrictions on what she reads or watches--she makes her own choices.
She chooses to take responsiblily or her actions. and realizes 14 is too young to consider being sexually active. Not everyone idolizes skanks like Paris Hilton.


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