Monday, April 21, 2008

Random Photos Part One

When is the last time two guys had first position? If you are going to do it, Adrian Pasdar and Milo Ventimiglia are not a bad way to go.

When did Ciara get, hmmm, what's the word? Busty. Have they always been that big. Normally I would notice something like that. I'm good that way. I'm not good in many other ways, but I'm good that way.

Idiot move of the day. As Chevy Chase jams the microphone up against his head, the guy on the right is telling him that they are going to have to shut down the Earth Day celebrations because the lightning is getting too intense.
This is Brian McFadden. You know he can't be 100% normal because he did marry Kerry Katona. I mean would any of you do that? No, I mean if she didn't promise you money.
Amy Winehouse doesn't need it to be April 20th to celebrate now does she? Everyday is 4/20 for Amy.
The models from ANTM. I know, I know but what do you when they are from Australia? They really are ANTM. In the US, it should be USNTM, but that kind of sounds like some kind of nuclear submarine. I think these are the three finalists from ANTM. What do you think?
Whatever Elsa Pataky wants to sell me, I will buy.

Elizabeth McGovern is still beautiful, but she just has completely changed her appearance. I didn't even recognize her.
I think this is the first appearance for Dan Stevens in Random Photos.
Dave Matthews - Honolulu
So in the UK, Dame is a good thing and here in the US, it is a bad thing huh? She still looks good for a dame.
Jennifer Aniston is all alone and she honestly could use some time alone. Do check out the guy in the upper right. At no time does he ever leave his chair and try and flirt with her. He just lays there and lays there and keeps his hands resting comfortably on his

"I like sitting. When you sit, it is resting. Resting is good when it is sitting. Resting is bad when it isn't sitting, unless of course you are sleeping and resting, then not sitting is ok. As long as you are resting."
Gemma Arterton is going to be in the new Bond film, while everyone better know Mackenzie Crook, and no, not just from the Pirates of The Caribbean.
I will spare you the up close photos of Emma Watson and her first upskirt photo which was taken on her 18th birthday no less. I do that because this is a fu**king family site. I will say that she doesn't shave. Was that too much information? This one is going to be trouble. Time for the parents to have another talk with her.

Do you ever think that Jodie Marsh just wishes she could take it all back? The ginormous breasts, the tattoos which list her name and address, and just being well, awful. When she is 60, what the hell is she going to be doing? I know she is stuck with what she has become, but there must be times when she wants to take it all back.
That's not offensive.
Jack Johnson - Honolulu
I meant to put this photo up on Friday. Joan Jett looks absolutely amazing, and I'm not just saying that because she likes to call me late at night and talk dirty. She looks truly incredible.
At what age do you start to grow up and stop sporting the sideways baseball cap?

Everyone is all smiles now. Honestly after the s**t that Naomi Campbell called these two, I wouldn't be as nice as they are. They are truly two incredible women.

Well, at least Melinda Messenger doesn't have to worry about ironing her dress.
You know what? Kate Beckinsale is always in front, but Len Wiseman, today you look good enough to be on your own. Of course, if you weren't standing next to Kate, no one would recognize you, but we'll work on it.
Kelly Brook is in a class of her own. Wow.
And a man who really has no class. Jeremy Piven.
I'm surprised Ziggy Marley was even conscious on 4/20 let alone could play a concert.

"Listen each time you duck walk, it's an extra $500. Now move."
The couple of the day. Simon Pegg and Maureen McCann.
Do you think Ray-J talked her into a film yet? Seriously, I would watch.
Patrick Duffy at the BAFTA's. Guess those Step By Step reruns are really taking off.


GammaGirl said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
GammaGirl said...

Sooo about Hermoines's upskirt. I'm a true believer in underwear. We wear it for a reason.
Is anyone else freaked out that photogs are TRYING to get those shots? No, this is not a new trend, but I think it's despicable. Even when it happens to the biggest of famewhores. said...

I can't believe Ziggy Marley is playing a concert. His mother just died a few days ago.

califblondy said...

Joan Jett played a free concert in the SoCal desert this past weekend and I think will be at the biker run in Nevada this week. You going too, EL? I'll be on the maroon colored Harley if you wanna give me a wave.

captivagrl said...

whitney - he's a loser/user. sober up and wait for a decent guy.(and keep an eye on that daughter!)

captivagrl said...

if tom keeps eating he'll need to double up on those spanx! anyone check out the birthday party photos? they were taken from above and tom's got a big gut.

Jesse D said...

Fully agreed, gammagirl. Disgusting. It almost doesn't matter what you're wearing or not wearing, they're really going for that "money" shot. I don't think Emma Watson is bad or trouble at all. I DO think this SHOULD NOT BE LEGAL. PERIOD. It's porn, sexual harassment and an invasion of privacy. Yuck yuck yuck.

Ice Angel said...

Patrick Duffy is actually the host of BINGO on the Game Show Network-a huge hit with the geriatric crowd. (OK-I admit...I watch it along with Chuck Woolery on LINGO-I can't refuse such a cute ryhming 2 show package!)

jax said...

forget tommy's gut check out his high heeled runners on Lainey later..that shit is GOLD!

Charles said...

Isn't "the guy on the right" in the Chevy Chase photo Woody Harrelson?

jax said...

lol@ El the Buseyisms were spot on.

Adrian Pasdar is looking less...coked out.

Emma- wear panties that aren't see thru, these scumbags will get you everytime now that you are 18.

Unknown said...

Naomi Campbell has been dead to me ever since her "it's because I'm black" comment. Here is the link to more Naomi photos, the one's that show the unidetifiable white substance on her cheek (you have scroll down a bit):

Even if it's not what I know it is, she still looks like an idiot and that makes me happy.

Reese said...

Looks like Joan Jett has had quite a bit of facework done. The new cheekbones are almost scary looking, as are the bulging eyeballs. Wouldn't have pegged you for the type to do that, Joan.

MnGddess said...

Re: Emma Watson - Those photogs should be arrested for sexual harassment. Simply disgusting.

Simon Pegg - Shaun of the Dead, right?? He rocks....

In my next life I'm gonna look like Kate Beckinsale. I'm asking God..

Gemma Atherton - the color is fantastic, but it actually makes her hips look huge..

selenakyle said...

Yesterday was the laziest, best "off" day hubby and I have had in ages. Stormy outside, e-mail was down, couldn't work, nothing to do but laze around and watch cartoons and stupid movies all day. 4/20 all the WAY!!!

Unknown said...

Love me some Petrelli brothers.

Upskirt shots are nasty and wrong, BUT, girls should really learn how to exit a vehicle gracefully.

jax said...

DBF- upskirts have been going on forever..its only now that people are being so bold as to print them or blog about it. disgusting.

reall reputable photogs would delete them straight off.

Unknown said...

I know, but it is possible to exit a car without revealing so much.

Unknown said...

Along with banning upskirt shots, we should ban "hardcore drug addict" pics, too. I don't mean random pics of drunken or stoned celebs, I mean CONSTANT pictures of HARDCORE CRACKHEADS like Winehouse. I know, I know, you'd be hard pressed to find pics of her when she DOESN'T look this much of a mess, but still. It feels dirty and wrong somehow. I don't need to see someone's downward spiral, you know? :(

DAMN IT, I really hope those aren't the final 3 for Australia's NTM. I always watch it on youtube, but haven't watched this cycle yet. I DON'T WANNA KNOW!!!!

I fell in love with Dame Judy on As Time Goes By. And still love her today. Awesome lady.

while everyone better know Mackenzie Crook, and no, not just from the Pirates of The Caribbean.

I don't know who he is, and I've never seen the Pirates movies. Is this a blind reveal? (or am I just out of the loop & overreacting? hehe)

I saw Joan Jett spin here in Toronto a few years ago. She wasn't performing, she was DJing, and she was really good. She looked SO hot. I can only hope I have a FRACTION of her hotness at her age ;)

Stacey Charter said...

did anyone ever see Kathy Griffin's imitation of Parisbritneylindsay getting out of the car for the upskirt shot? Fricking hysterical!

Sometimes i think that no matter how lady like u are, the camera guys are shooting specifically for that crotch shot and they are gonna get it. that's what big purses are for...

and first position, last position, ANY position with those heroes boys would do me just fine... Just not in a public bathroom LOL

jax said...

not when they have a zoom lens trained on your panties waiting for it to happen. they could have done a whole series on Princess Di alone..but that sort of thing was thought to be classless and lowbrow.
now for some unknown reason it seems ok.

the really sick thing is this is prob not the first one they have of her, just the first they can use since she turned 18.

Megz said...

re. jenner.
As soon as I saw the Mackenzie Crook comment, I thought of the blind item of the actor everyone would recognize but not know his name doing meth openly at a party.

RagDoll said...

Megan, the meth one, huh? I was thinking about the guy who has been in a whole bunch of movies, but whose name we wouldn't necessarily know, who would go out on the town with Ent and "act" like some crazy, out-there character all night long, complete with the bad behavior and funny clothes...

Ellebee said...

Mackenzie Crook played the "Dwight" type character on The Office-Gareth.

He also does stand up-he is a really funny guy.

Simon Pegg-I loved SOTD and Hot Fuzz.

Halfmad said...

Adrian Pasdar FTW!

Unknown said...

whitney's boobs look scary

and so does joan jett... i agree with the person that says it looks like she's had extensive work done, and i also didn't peg her as someone that would do that. i'm kinda shocked.

Spring Luvr said...

Here's to women keeping their pubic hair! At least, most of it.

Jodie Marsh is missing a giant red nose and size 17 floppy shoes. And a tiny car...

Spring Luvr said...

You know, the first thing I thought when I saw the pictures of Emma was: Those are formal panties and look as if they're made to be seen.

It wouldn't surprise me at all if that glimpse was not an accident.

Amber said...

". I do that because this is a fu**king family site." hahahaha That made me laugh :)

mmmm Simon Ginger Pegg

sauvage said...

Yap, Megan, I thought the same. Could be, huh? He looks terrifying.

Finnigin said...

Mackenzie Crook was Garth from the UK Office - best show EVER. I think that was all ENT was trying to say - I don't think he's a blind reveal.

mooshki said...

Surprisingly, a couple of the girls on this season of USNTM are actually quite a bit prettier than those three.

J said...

Brian mcFadden is quite a twonk.

Did jodie gets fake boobs? i thought her schtick was she was "all real"


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