Friday, October 23, 2009

19 Year Old Mastermind Behind Celebrity Burglaries

Do you remember right after Nick Prugo was arrested, a woman named Rachel Lee turned herself in for questioning? Well, Rachel Lee is just 19 and is allegedly the ringleader of all the celebrity burglaries. Not counting the Kardashians who in a really really bad choice of words said they know who the real burglar is.

Anyway, I called Rachel the mastermind, but getting yourself caught on tape as you break into each of the houses isn't that masterful or very smart. Allegedly broke in. Allegedly. God, now I sound like Kathy Griffin.

Yesterday Rachel along with three other women were arrested in connection with the Lindsay burglary, Audrina Patridge burglary and even the Paris Hilton burglary. OK, so we know what their m.o. is. D listers who somehow by some pact with the devil make more than all of us by a factor of 20. Sounds to me like they are just modern day Robin Hoods, or Rachel Hoods. One of the women arrested is the younger sister of Playboy model Tess Taylor who as you will recall was seen hanging out with Nick Prugo and Tess' boyfriend Drake Bell. This all just gets more interesting. Tess is even trying to make a buck off her sister's arrest as she brought a camera crew for a reality show pilot she is trying to shop.

I also think that you should automatically get pardoned for burglarizing Paris' house. I don't condone crime, but this one is pretty harmless and I still haven't heard a peep from Lindsay about this whole thing. Sure, mom is probably on her knees praying or on her knees doing something, but I'm not 100% convinced Lindsay didn't have a hand in this.


canadachick said...

i still think theres an insurance scam in here somewhere . Oh and i'm sure a few sex tapes will surface shortly

Kevin said...

What did a Kardashian say?

captivagrl said...

Rachael Hoods!

Stephen said...

Everyday they are linked to a couple more celebrity break-ins. Do they only do celebrities? Or are they known around town as someone who you can "hire" to break into your house for say 20%of the insurance proceeds? I will say that including Orlando Bloom raises the quality of the victims substantially. Everyone was pretty much D list until his name came up.

ballyhoo. said...

i think it's interesting that that tess chick was trying to distance herself from prugo after that picture came out last week of them and drake bell. ha! one of the girls arrested was her own sister - yeah, i'm reeeeal sure she had nothing to do with it.

figgy said...

In the case of Paris, maybe they were just trying to sneak in and save her dying dogs from the closets.

And why isn't Paris up on charges for that yet? Imo, she's just as bad as Michael Vick.

ardleighstreet said...

I agree with figgy! The Rachels were trying to free Paris's puppies and with Lilo maybe they were looking to return all the jewelry she has kleptoed.

I'd like to know why Paris hasn't been charged.


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