Friday, October 23, 2009

Random Photos Part One

Soupy Sales - RIP
Wow, Angie Harmon & Debra Messing in the same picture.
Antonio Sabato Jr. treading in the footsteps of Jon Gosselin and Lindsay Lohan.
Jennifer Garner shows some love to Ben Affleck

and then Ben shows some love to Jon Hamm.
Camilla Belle looks great.
LOVE the witches hat on Cheryl Burke's dog.
At the ONEXONE auction last night someone won a kiss with Charlize Theron. Charlize didn't hold back.
Meanwhile at the same auction, no bidders for Piven.
The randomness of the day. Diane Kruger, Kirk Douglas and Quentin Tarantino.
Demi Moore looking like well, like she always does.
Eva Mendes and her house dress.
Evan Rachel Wood
A brand new look for Gwen Stefani.
Did you even recognize her?
Hilary Duff after leaving Ken Paves' salon. That's a big bag.
Jonny Lee Miller who was great in the play, Sienna who wasn't and looks atrocious and Marin Ireland.
A first time appearance for Jason Reitman.
Markie Post from the way back machine.
Now I know what happened to Cousin Eddie's shoes from Vacation. Michael Stipe has them.
The newlyweds Hugh Dancy and Claire Danes.
Who knew Pamela Anderson was a furry.
Paramore - New York

In Spain this week they are holding the Prince Of Asturias Awards. I have no idea what those are, but I do know Princess Letizia was everywhere.

Rick Fox and Eliza Dushku discussing what it was like to be married to a former Miss America.
Carlos Santana - San Francisco
Only in Hollywood would you have a porn star
and a Nickelodeon star at the same event.
The cast of White Collar. Matt Bomer, Tiffani Thiessen and Tim DeKay.
Sure, now that the Yankees are in the post season everyone in the family wants to go to the games.


califblondy said...

Markie Post, where you been? Love her.

I would have never known that was Gwen Stefani in the first pic. That's a great look for her.

ItsJustMe said...

Wow, thanks for the reveal, Enty.

jlb said...

LOL Pure gold Ent. Wow.

whole lotto luv said...

Coke Mom!!!

redhotpepper said...

Markie Post is a fellow sewist. Wonder if she made anything she's wearing...

mooshki said...

Jesus, wtf happened to Tarantino?

JustJenn said...

crap - which one's coke mom?!?!?!?!

JustJenn said...

I'm going with Angie - b/c her nose looks a little wacky...

CDAN Mod said...

yeah, gwen looks great. she's very much a fashionista.

women who are short and curvy should stan for cheryl burke.

CDAN Mod said...

it's been long rumored that angie harmon and her hubby are/were coke fiends. i'm still torn on which one gets my vote.

Adventurous Kate said...


Coke Mom is Debra Messing. I am 100% sure.

The week of the Emmy Awards, Enty said that Coke Mom had been featured in the photos or on the site sometime within the past week.

Debra Messing was. Angie Harmon had not been mentioned for months.


Thanks for a great run, Enty.

Anonymous said...

COKE MOMS!!!!!!!!!!

.robert said...

I was going to ask if the guy Theron was kissing had stockings on, opted to look it up and it was a woman. And it looks like someone paid the Pivert $280k.

FrenchGirl said...

Coke mum has one child so Hello DEBRA MESSING!!!!

FrenchGirl said...

soon i feel another BI on Benifer Garner!

RocketQueen said...

Lol I'm not so sure we can claim this is an outright reveal - though I'd be perfectly happy to know that it's at least ONE of these two.

Anonymous said...

Markie Post still looks like she always has, wonderful!

Thanks for the Yummy Matthew Bomer!

Liz said...

angie harmon must be on drugs to wear that outfit

Cecilia00 said...

OK, did I miss something??

I know Messing is a Coke Mom front runner, and Harmon was nearly a lock for Coke Mom #2, but did Enty make a promise to slyly reveal through the pics??

Snautrag said...

Is Haromon going to a Battlestar Galactica convention?

Krissie said...

Angie Harmon's boots are the ugliest boots I've ever seen. And they probably cost like $2,000. I wouldn't wear those for free.

I asolutely believe Debra Messing is Coke Mom.

Anonymous said...

Gwen continues to copy Madonna.

lutefisk said...

where's the rest of Kirk Douglas' head??

selenakyle said...

Oh yeah--I think we just got ourselves a good ol' fashioned blind reveal.

Thanks Enty!

Good sleuthing, everyone.

Wil said...

Less Ben until his hair grows back, please. You can fill those holes with more Jon Hamm, please!! ; )

It cannot be said that Charlize isn't a good sport!

EW!! There's a Piv on my screen! Wipe it off!! Wipe it off!!

Quentin has apparently ruined his face with filler and plastic surgery to the point Kirk damn near looks better.

I think Gwen looks lovely. She doesn't look like a trashy tranny ... it's kinda refreshing! Someone should show her pic to Christina!

MARKIE!! Dear god I loved her on Night Court! She still looks great.

Michael .. *sigh!* [Shhhh!! Shhhh!! Don't whisper the "g" word!!]

mooshki said...

LOL, Wil!

sunnyside1213 said...

Oh enty, you sly dog. This "reveal" made my day.

B626 said...

Antonio was SOO hot in that video with Janet Jackson way back when
but just NOT feeling it now.
Not feeling it also goes for:
Gwen and extensions
Rick & Eliza hookup-ICK!

Little Miss Smoke and Mirrors said...

Jon Hamm looks like he's packing.

tflamb said...

Could someone explain how a picture of Messing and Harmon is by default a "reveal" of anything?

Lots are jumping to the conclusion yet none seem to explain why they are comfortable with that leap.

Caroline said...

Love Gwen's hair - so Brigitte Bardot!

lanasyogamama said...

I hate the over the knee boot thing. So not for "real life".

OMG Quentin?

I wish Demi didn't look so good.

Is this like the Rachel Zoe edition? Jen Garner? Demi? Eva - all styled by Zoe.

Holy Moly Gwen looks good. LOVE HER.

Yay Ireland!

I sooo wanted to be Markie Post when I was a little girl. Apparently she did not age whilst I did!

Those Spanish royals sure have good posture!

Rick and Eliza, ick. My cousin works with her Mom at a uni in Boston.

mooshki said...

TFLive, when Enty makes very pointed remarks like that, it's usually a reveal. Sometimes I think we read too much into some of his casual remarks, but I think this one is definitely a reveal.

MAC said...

TFLive, Wow = Mom (upside down). Normally don't read that much into the comments, but this as soon as I saw this I started laughing :)

Dorein said...

Hello, Coke not nice to see ya. Pathetic

p.s. enty...I love your site. Been a stalker for 2 yrs now. Thanks for the memories xo

jfranco said...

this was posted with the four for friday comments

Anonymous said...

Look! coke mom and coke mom's friend are in the pictures today!

mygeorgie said...

Jon Hamm is looking awful pasty lately & really geeky. Not the sexy geek stuff either. Bummer.

Maja With a J said...

*LOL* I see I'm not the only one who feels like it's the 4th of July!

Dianne P said...

Hah! I knew it. DM was always my first guess.

Okay, so how does AH reconcile her conservative Sarah Palin loving ways with her coke habit? I don't get it.

PJ Nelson said...

God love him, for 92 and holding Issur Danielovitch [kirk douglas] looks amazingly spry and for not as old Santana looks good amazing.

ParisCat said...

If you're a celebrity, you're allowed to laugh through the national athem?

Laurie-Anne R Collins said...

Hoping on the Markie Post looks great wagon. Loved Night Court.

And mmmmm... Matthew Bomer

Laurie-Anne R Collins said...

Hoping on the Markie Post looks great wagon. Loved Night Court.

And mmmmm... Matthew Bomer

J said...

I feel blonde right now...I still don't get how its a reveal and Deb's nose has always been pinched. Hasn't Coke Mom recently done something to her nose or was that speculation?

Antonio Sabato has really fell off. Does that milkshake joint deliberately hire Z-listers?

Wow, Jen Affleck is wearing something other than jeans with formula stains, she looks...old

Camilla Belle looks like a feather duster

Does Cheryl Burke have implants? Not cute on a professional dancer

I would have bid one of my kids to kiss The Theron...Smoking! lol

Pivert...not so much

Good goobly goo, WTF happened to Kirk Douglas? So much work done, his infamous chin cleft is now above his lip. Those eyes! Leatherface.

Quentin Tarantino looks like one of Liberace's lovers that were forced into plastic surgery to resemble him

Demi Moore looking like, well, Jordana Brewster

Does Mendes do anything besides strutting in Starbucks?

ERW(why the 3 names?) looks 45years old, dating Manson will do that to you

For once GStefani looks like she turned the light on when she dressed, very nice & polished, loving the hair. And NO I didn't recognize her, I thought this was one of Hef's new girlfriends.

Duff sux...monkey balls

I love how Enty despises Sienna Enema Miller, rightfully so...

Hey its the Night Court/Lifetime movie chick! She hasn't aged a bit

White shoes after Labor Day...times are a'changing

Two words: DAMN PAM!!!

Rick Fox & Eliza Douchebag really creep me out..She looks like his daughter in this pic and he reminds me of OJ for some reason

Carlos Santana ROCKS....Period!!

Hey icarly!! luvs u much girl!

Kate Hudson has to be the biggest slut in Hollywood....

The End

mikey said...

@J - Cheryl has said the girls are home grown - people have flat out ask her.

Jerry said...

I'm officially old. I'd rather watch iCarly than Tera Patrick. Shoot me now.

Barton Fink said...

I can't look at Angie Harmon without seeing her on Fox shaking her finger in the camera and bitterly saying "WE DON'T POINT FINGERS" --

Anonymous said...

Someone please help me. I am trying to find the original Coke Mom Blind Item without much success. Can someone please direct me to it?

Gwen is weird looking. Too much make-up and hair. I wonder what she looks like without 5 lbs of foundation on.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone else noticed the resemblance between Miranda Cosgrove and Tera Patric, or is it just me? Was Miranda adopted? She could pass for Tera's child.

Carrie L. said...

Here is the original coke mom blind from 2/25/09:

Elle Kaye said...

This was a good group of pictures today.

I'm with the majority in believing that Debra Messing is officially coke mom. I didn't believe it or have a clue but now I have to say I'm on board.

Jennifer Garner in nice pants and heels and not filming?? Ben must be banging someone on the side. I bet she is still rocking a pair of party socks under the pants just to stay true to her down to earth self.

Jeremy Piven. He is just total silliness.

Demi Boore. If you can't change your look and cut your hair once in a while I can't believe you're the confident woman you want us to believe you are. Get a new look.

Gwen looks pretty in the top picture but up close she loses her appeal. She seems like she's going on the skinny bandwagon, too.

Pamela hugging some giant bug that probably crawled out of her underwear. She'll need a lot of topical ointment to get rid of that one.

It is pretty hilarious that Miranda Cosgrove appears to be the teen version of Tera Patrick. If she was a Disney star it would be inevitable that her career would emulate Patrick's as well.

I mean who REALLY gives a shit about Kate Hudson?

*~Dani~* said...

I seem to recall reading that the reason Charlize threw in the kiss was that Piven's bidding was higher than hers and she said something like "Jermey PIVEN? Come on!" like most of us here would say.

hotchacha said...

Is it me or are Quentin's eyes drifting outward?


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