Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Random Photos Part One

A screening of My Dinner With Andre gets the top spot. Not so much for the movie, which is great, but also for Candice Bergen, Andre Gregory and Malle Coutie.
This almost got the top spot. It was thisclose. The cast and director of Boondock Saints II at the premiere last night. Sean Patrick Flannery is a good looking guy. How come I never get e-mails wanting pictures of him?
Blake Lively looking lovely but bored. Because I'm a nice guy I chose to not include the pictures of her chest and her uneven tan splotches.
And Leonardo DiCaprio dumped Bar Refaeli because...
Denis Leary and John Scurti on the set of Rescue Me.
I wish Emily Blunt promoted something everyday because I would gladly out her in here everyday. After yesterday's appearance I had to go home and watch Devil Wears Prada.
Rebecca Gayheart seems to be rushing to catch up to Eric so she can be in the picture.
Eva Longoria and Tony Parker trying to emulate the Beckhams.
And here is Eva gain, but this time with clothes and with women and not a basketball player. Joining her are Kate del Castillo and Andie MacDowell.
Elton John - Barcelona
Ewan McGregor said yesterday that he almost gave up acting after watching a Daniel Day Lewis movie and realizing he would never be as good. He said, "what's the point if you are not going to be the best?"
The world is ending. Foreigner at the New York Stock Exchange.
Freida Pinto helping up a woman from the street. She is helping her up because she had accidentally knocked her down right in front of a moving car which managed to stop just in time.
How does Harry Connick get his head to get all crooked like that? He must watch Brian Williams a lot.
Hilary Swank looks very nice.
A first time appearance for Joe & Elle Anderson.
Victoria Prince having words with a trimmed down Kevin Federline.
Katie Price at her book signing. All the men are wearing old outfits she has worn. The man on the far left is her boyfriend.
Kendra Wilkinson and her burgeoning belly.
Another top spot contender was Leslie Nielsen. Here he is with Bo Zegna.
Is there ever a time where Matthew just sits around naked playing the bongos anymore?
Another day of Jennifer Coolidge and this time she brings along one of my favorites, Mike White.
Mark Wahlberg and his wife who is expecting baby number 4.
Nicole Richie and the first pictures of Blue Jay.
Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr's dog.
Those white toenails on Star are freaking me out.
Toni Braxton - New York
Tate Donovan on the set of his new movie.
Tricia Helfer and her husband standing in front of Tricia's Maxim cover. Jonathan Marshall is a very lucky man.


califblondy said...

Sorry to ask, but which one is Sean Patrick?

Yum...Denis Leary. Love, love, love Rescue Me.

Star Jones needs a head reduction. Poor thing really looks deformed.

Call me old fashioned, but I hate to see a man walking ahead of a woman like McSteamy and Rebecca. I noticed balloon boy's Dad doing the same to the Mommy and that immediately made him an ass in my book.

Sparrow is a cutie patootie.

Great picture of Toni Braxton, I hope she's making some $$$s to pay some bills.

Orlando carrying that foofoo dog made me laugh.

mikey said...

The dog stole the spotlight from all of them - too cute!

Why do magazines think I want to see someone's pregnant belly? To prove they are pregnant? Hum, come to think of it - no shots like that of Katie. When pregnant, many years ago, I used to scare myself when I got out of the shower and caught a glimpse in the mirror.

CDAN Mod said...

something's off with harry connick jr's face. he must wear alot of make-up. he is not aging well, unless he got no rest last night.

Momster said...

I love Ewan McGregor. Meanwhile, hubby loves Tricia Helfer. She was stunning in BSG.

That dog looks like a little teddy bear, lol.

mooshki said...

Jeez, could they have photochopped Kendra's face any more?

juicy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
juicy said...

sean patrick flanery's ok, but im more attracted to whoever plays his brother in that movie.

Julie said...

My kids name is Sean Patrick, and sometimes I joke that I named him after Sean Patrick Flanery due to the Boondock Saints (kinda can't wait for the second one) but my husband is Patrick Sean, so it worked that way.

Nicoles baby is cute :)

Kendra holy hell. I'm kinda upset that I'm not going to run into her at King of Prussia Mall because Hank was traded but whatever (i never watched the show anyway)

How the hell did KFed lose that weight? Have a baby!?

@Juicy, his names Norman Reedus. He was also in a Blade movie or two.

Julie said...

oh what the hell, i'll say Miranda's dog is cute too. which I guess that makes the dog and kid on the same par. Oops :\

Anonymous said...

i dreampt there was an email from me in enty's box. does anyone know hiz email? thx

follow me on twitter @susansoons

Unknown said...

so so looking forward to boondock saints. I think Blake Lively looks so fake.. her boobs, her nose, and something else but I can't put my finger on it.Miranda's dog is adorable whats happening to his feet though it looks like hes trying to ninja kick Orlando.

SkittleKitty said...

I haven't seen Sean Patrick Flannery since th Young Indiana Jones show was on the air. That's probably why no one has requested him. He's hot, though.

SkittleKitty said...

Anyone know why Billy Connolly's wearing one of the late Bea Arthur's jackets?

Pamela S. said...

I love that Yorkie!!!

Unfortunate Couture said...

Does Star Jones have a neck at all?

Tate Donovan... all I can think about when I hear of him, is an interview I read years ago. He was still with Aniston, who was of course a huge star. He was much less so. She was being interviewed in her/their home, and through the whole thing, apparently Donovan kept wandering around obtrusively, desperate for acknowledgement, finally resorting to cranking the soundtrack to Hercules (where he was the starring voice) and singing along loudly. The interviewer didn't actually use any words like "pathetic" or "embarrassing", but really, did he need to?

selenakyle said...

Ummm, then consider this a standing request: I'll take pix or goss on Norman Reedus, SP Flannery or Billy Connolly ANYTIME!

Cannot WAIT to see if Troy Duffy redeemed himself this time around.

Julie said...

i keep referring to billy connolly as "billy macgregor" because i was one of the 3 people who actually watched his spinoff from head of the class.

RocketQueen said...

@ Mikey - OR preg pics of Nicole Kidman! hmm???

Oh man - I'll take BOTH Boondock brothers. Ent - please. Either of them. Any day. Every day.

Haha - my friend and I STILL say "I shan't!" all the time after Emily Blunt's character on "Devil".
Anne H: "Wish me luck!"
Emily B: "I shan't!"

Is that Ewan M's wife? Lainey has a blind about those two that is very interesting...

Who are Joe & Elle Anderson??

Lessfaterline! Well done. I have to admit I thought he was hot when he and B got together (though obviously a loser). He's getting hotter again.

blog hopper said...

@RocketQueen- what's the blind about Ewan M? Do tell!

RocketQueen said...

@blog hopper - here it is.

RocketQueen said...

Then this:

blog hopper said...

Thanks RocketQueen! That's verrry interesting.

Anonymous said...

That Kendra woman...ugh. Her "belly" may look full, but those eyes belie a definite vacancy.

And I will never ever understand why anyone talks about or takes a picture of Nicole Richie. She's never done anything of note except her show with Paris - and the bit I saw of that showed her to be a mean-spirited, nasty little thing.

sunnyside1213 said...

LOL...Eva must be standing on a chair.

Caroline said...

Enty, you know who I would enjoy seeing in the pics? Michael Weatherly. Yum.

mikey said...

@RocketQueen - I totally forgot about Nicole's belly. Hard to believe since we never saw much of her pregnant LOL.

Anonymous said...

I didn't recognize Joe Anderson at all. Wow, aged a lot in the 2 years since Across the Universe.

I think K-Fed photo is just from a flattering angle

I appreciate Sean Patrick Flannery, but he's just not as hot without the whip.

lanasyogamama said...

I don't really get the appeal of Blake Lively.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Leslie Nielsen. The Naked Gun is the best comedy EVER.

Kendra can go away now.

2Cents said...

When did Matthew get married?

Sinjin said...

Boondock Saints II?! It's about F***ing time!! (twirls around in happiness)

califblondy: Sean Patrick is the
2nd from the right (the orange one).

I've always wanted him. I've also planned to name any male child, should I ever have one, that same name before I even knew of the actor. It's a good solid Irish name :-)

Krissie said...

Surprise surprise, Nicole Richie is whoring out her kids again. She did the cover of "People" with Harlow too, I think twice. I hate people who try to keep themselves in the spotlight by using their babies.

Kinsey Holley said...

Andie MacDowell just gets more adorable with age.

I was gonna say that Benji and Nicole and their babies are also adorable but yeah, Nicole is awful pimpish with her kids.

And Jennifer Coolidge looks like she'd be a hell of a lot of fun. In any sense of the word.

ardleighstreet said...

Sean Patrick Flannery is a fine Irish name. I loved Young Indy .

I agree with Ewan. Daniel Day Lewis is awesome. I love to watch Daniel. Loved him in IN THE NAME OF THE FATHER.

shakey said...

Hooray for Boondock Saints! Maybe Troy learned his lesson and he won't shoot his mouth off this time.

Even though I'm Eva's lone fan on CDaN, can't say I'm liking that ad. Whole thing is too contrived.

Elton John looks like It in that photo. Terrible lighting for him.

DN, I think KFed lost a lot based on that photo. Not just a flattering angle.

Love Jennifer Coolidge. We share the same birthday!

Miss X said...

Which one is Sean Patrick?

Nicole's baby is cute! :)

Jesse D said...

Really really really sick of gazing on grotesquely swollen pregnant women in bikinis. PLEASE PUT SOME F*CKING CLOTHING ON, NO ONE WANTS TO LOOK AT THAT. I mean, Jesus, where is the decency? It's like sluts in nipple-popping low-cut blouses or "cowboys" in obscenely tight jeans. WHERE ARE YOUR EYES SUPPOSED TO GO??!!

I'm done. Thank you.

chihuahuense said...

why is Hilary Swank in photos? What has she done/is coming out of hers?

Katie Price makes me sick to my stomach. Please stop making these people rich and famous. Scum.

I, too, don't want to see pregnant bellies. Sorry, and when I see it at the beach, I don't think cute, I think ew, yuck. And I have had a pregnant belly twice. Oh, and yeah, Mooshki, in addition to her face looking all photoshopped, look at her legs. One is tiny and the other one isn't even fully shown and looks four times bigger.

I agree, Nicole's kid is cute, but so are fifty bazillion other kids. She's not special. Why the cover, kneepads?

Tate Donovan looks like a wife-beater to me. Or is that a role he has played?

canadachick said...

CANNOT wait for Boondock Saints 2 -

GladysKravitz said...

Just getting to CDAN. GREAT random photos, Enty. Nice mix of old stars, new stars, hot stars, cold stars.

But best of all: that Yorkie with Orlando Bloom is too darn cute.

And Katie Price takes her doggie self and dresses up some doggie friends in her doggie clothes. Why oh why doesn't she understand how awful she looks in those clothes when she sees other people dressed in them?

ellie said...

I'm still trying to figure out how Matt Mc was chosen sexiest man alive!

Enough with the pregnant bellies!

ellie said...

I'm still trying to figure out how Matt Mc was chosen sexiest man alive!

Enough with the pregnant bellies!

Ice Angel said...

Hillary is coming out with the movie Amelia based on the life of Amelia Earhart. She is a 2 time Oscar winner and still a major A plus lead billed star. She deserves to be in the photos.

K-Fed looks GREAT! That was fast!

Toni looks great too. I wish her well.

figgy said...

"And Leonardo DiCaprio dumped Bar Refaeli because..."

...maybe she's an empty-headed shallow idiot?

or maybe she's not, I don't know. But seems like a possibility with a model

Kraymond19 said...

So wait...

The Emily Blunt caption ("I would gladly out her in here everyday.) didn't strike a cord with anyone else? Weren't she & Anne Hathaway suspected as lovers in a BI (no pun intended)? Is it a clue?

Or am I reaching too far?

califblondy said...

Thanks Lisa. That guy is cute.

Sadie said...

Sean Patrick is so sexy! I loved him the first time I saw him in the movie "Powder" in 1995! Yummy!


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