Thursday, October 22, 2009

Random Photos Part One

There wasn't a clear cut winner for the top spot today, but Andrew McCarthy is never a bad choice.
Billy Bob Thornton has shaved his goatee, but he still probably hates Canada.
Bon Jovi - Meadowlands Stadium Parking Lot
And then a bus came through the intersection and cut to the credits where you hear Every Rose Has It's Thorn.
Camilla Alves is pregnant right?
Speaking of pregnant, David Beckham gives you an idea how he would look.
Dennis Quaid earlier in the evening last night when he was presumably still sober.
Editors - London
"My parents went on vacation and all they got me was this lousy t-shirt. Don't they know who I am?"
Probably my favorite picture of the day. Elaine Stritch and the incomparable Martha Plimpton.
Gwen Stefani in an airport strip tease.

A few things. First, Holly Madison has ruined my favorite In-N-Out by eating there. Second she looks shocked that someone actually caught her eating. Finally, she has absolutely perfect posture.
Jessica Alba looks genuinely happy. I love photos like that no matter who they are.
Looking anything but happy are Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake.
Yeah, yeah, Jane Krakowski, but look around her. It is nothing but Godiva. If anyone is passing out Godiva chocolate on Halloween, give me a call and I will come trick or treating. Wait until you see my costume.
Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony arguing about which way to go.
Katie Price up close and well, really, this is something I didn't need to see.
Speaking of didn't need to see. This is from two days ago, but I saw it again this morning and I just can't believe she is 23 and that her mom doesn't think Lindsay has any problems at all. When your kid dies there won't be any more paychecks. Well, except for residuals but Dina would have to split that with Michael if Lindsay doesn't have a will.
Same pose different t-shirt.
More Kardashian class.
Contrast the Kardashian photos with this photo of Prince Albert and Charlene Wittstock.
I don;t care how many paper towels you buy LeAnn they aren't going to clean up your mess.
Has anyone ever seen a picture where Liev and Naomi aren't thrilled to be with each other?
Madonna actually looks younger. Must be the lighting and the covering of veins.
Congratulations to the Olsens. They were inducted into the Council Of Fashion Designers Of America. They deserve it. Notice I said designers and not wearers.
Mandy Patinkin would have been a good choice for the top.
Nicole Kidman and her new lips testifying in front of Congress.
I looked at about 50 photos in this sequence and it appears that Sophie Monk would like everyone to think she can surf, but she never tries to stand. She just poses on it repeatedly.
For a washed up can't get an acting job alcoholic, Tara Reid looks pretty good here.
Security holds back the barricades in Rome to keep fans from rushing
these guys from Twilight you have never seen before.


Ms Cool said...

I am really sick of the Karshadians. When will everyone else be?

I wonder if Lindsay will make it until the end of the year. Sad.

RocketQueen said...

I was kind of rooting for the Gossip Girl spinoff to make it for Andrew McCarthy's sake.

Every time I see Camilla Alves I think "Camilla Calves"

I know a lot of people love Gwen Stefani's style, but she's been pushing it a bit too far for me lately. Do not like.

Holly Madison is not attractive.

Oh Justin. You're walking in Kits with Jessica. Sigh. Don't you know I live downtown?

Could J-Lo's dress be any shorter?

Jordan/Katie Price - shudder.

feraltart said...

Nicole Kidman in Malice: Gorgeous. Nicole Kidman now: WTF - Jocelyn Wildenstein wants her face back.

Love Andrew McCarthy.

Pookie said...

billy bob douche...ewww.

is meadowlands as tough to play in as it is to PLAY in?

brett michaels WTH.

wth is up w/ the quaids lately...i'm hoping they're taking pills for the crazy.

love you gwn...but those pants, wth?!

enty, what's you halloween costume? dish.

jho, horizontal stripes are always a no, no, nooooooo.

eeep, katie price is quite hisrute...poor thing.

someone pls explain kim k's dress.

yay, more royals to stalk!

madonna looks fantastic! wow.

LOVE patinkin!

lutefisk said...

Lindsay looks like she has her face pressed against a window.

ItsJustMe said...

How is Linday affording the fake lips?

K said...

What happened to Lohan's lips? She looks like Broderick Crawford in that photo.

Char said...

LOL to Sophie Monk. So much for being a real Aussie girl... should at least know how to stand up on a board!

Sporky said...

I agree w/ feraltart. Nicole is disturbing.

I like how Billy Bob now has a bunch of tats on his arm, thinking it'll make him look like a real rock star. What a high-pressure douchenozzle.

jw12 said...

I love Martha Plimpton.

Sinjin said...

Wow, after years of trying to emulate Marilyn Monroe, Lindsay finally actually did it: she looks just like Marilyn's autopsy photo.

Anonymous said...

Martha Plimpton love... have we ever figured out Enty's connection to The Goonies?

Liev and Naomi are definitely a happy couple. I love that they ride a scooter around town together.

Lots of women have that facial hair that Katie Price is sporting. I'm more afraid of that orange hue

nunaurbiz said...

Love Andrew McCarthy! He was looking a bit bloated a few years ago and I was worried, but he looks like he's aging well now. What a cutie!

Oh, wow, just looked up his stats and he's single now! Andy, honey, call me!!!!

nunaurbiz said...

Oh, damn, maybe he's not single. IMDB says he has had a child with his "partner."

lanasyogamama said...

Quaid's wife looks like all the non famous wives in Hollywood. Way blond, way tan, empty.

I still love Gwen and her ugly pants.

Many of these women need to rethink their hem length. I'm talkin to you Kardashians and JLO.

That pic of Lilo is really the worst yet. I wonder what she sees in the mirror?

Madonna unfortunately looks awesome there.

I saw that Nicole Kidman pic on the news this morning, she looked good on tv... I think it was the hair.

Those new vamps look cheerful!

CaliGirlinVA said...

The fine hair on Katie Price's face is called lanugo. It is seen in eating disorders.

califblondy said...

Madonna looks awesome.

Did I just type that?

Katie Price looks all kinds of crazy. She must scare her kids.

Billy Bob looks like a woman. Is it all the make-up? New face? Something's weird.

Poor litle lost girl Lindsay.

Sherry R. said...

Jennifer Lopez - not a good look.

Sinjin said...

Katie Price looks like she used all the Crayola's in the 24 pack!

Unknown said...

While not a huge fan of Holly's...although I don't mind her... I wish I had posture that good!

whole lotto luv said...

"For a washed up can't get an acting job alcoholic, Tara Reid looks pretty good here."

And who would have thought, a few years ago, that Tara would end up looking about 20 years younger than LiLo.

bflogurl said...

Totally agree whole_lotto!!

And Sporky: High-pressure douchenozzle??? Priceless.

redfishbluefish said...

I just saw Mean Girls for the eleventyhundredth time over the weekend. I cannot believe that beautiful girl in the movie is the same one in that picture. What a shame.

Re: Kimberley Quaid. I've met her and she's actually sweet and very nice. I guess that doesn't preclude her being "empty" but I talked to her for about half an hour and came away thinking I should stop judging people before I meet them. But it was only one time last year. Her best friend married my husband's cousin. She stood up in the wedding. Dennis and I shared a moment at the bar, ironically. (If you define "are you in line?" "no, go ahead" "thanks!" as a moment LOL) I hope she gets her hubby in line tho - drinking and driving is not cool no matter how nice someone is.

TinselSass said...

Best line of the day...

Thanks to Lana's Blog...

All the non famous wives in Hollywood... Way blond, way tan, empty.

Just back from Whole Paycheck and encountered a sea of these wannabes.

lanasyogamama said...

redfishbluefish - I agree, the blondies probably aren't all bad. But I have to resent them a little when they're that thin, married to movie stars, don't need to work, buy whatever they want, etc.

TinselSass - Thanks!!

noel said...

Why is Nicole trying to look like Angelina?

Or is that just me...

empyrios said...

yeah Billy Bob looks like a woman that's had waaaaaay too much plastic surgery. yum.

Liev and Naomi are my fav hollywood couple by far.

Babs said...

The picture of Lilo made me so sad. I remember thinking when The Parent Trap came out that this little girl would go far with her scrubbed clean good looks and bright eyes. What a shame she will never live up the amazing potential she had. And what a shame that, likely, she won't live, period.

Did Madge get her face done again? She sure looks different.

Love Mandy Patinkin! "I am Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die."

merrick said...

Oh Babs, you nailed it .. Love Mandy also and that line is still one of my all time favs .. his accent makes it .. I have tried to pass my love for Princess Bride down to my little girls, but so far, they dont get .. one day they will!

figgy said...

I still have this hope that Lilo will see the light, turn her life 180 degrees around, and become a positive force for dealing with your troubles/anti-drugs.

Dick Insideu said...

Gwen has superb nipples. I never knew she was so winsome. I got hard just staring at her nips. She ought to be fucking me instead of that homo husband of hers. (And yes, Gavin is a homo; he likes to fuck trannies up the ass).

Blohan looks smacked out. She also looks like she has AIDs.

Bret Michaels is a turd burglar.


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