Friday, October 23, 2009

Melrose Place Producers Lied And Lied And Lied Some More

Let me start out by saying that Ashlee Simpson getting fired off Melrose Place made yesterday afternoon joyous and makes those blind items out there almost kind of moot. Anyway, tempering my joyousness is the fact that Colin Egglesfield also got fired in some sort of network sacrifice.

I know the show sucks, but there are some redeeming points and Colin Egglesfield was one of them. In most polls of the 40 people who actually watch Melrose, Colin's character Auggie is by far the favorite male character if not the favorite character on the whole show. So, of course the network fires him. This is why you work for CW and not CBS.

Yesterday EW and Mr. Aussielo broke the news first. Michael interviewed the show runner and this is what he had to say about the firings.

So it was always the plan for Ashlee to leave after episode 12?
SLAVKIN: Yes. Because we felt that once the murder mystery was resolved, the tone of the show was going to shift into a much more fun, romantic, sexy upbeat kind of show, and [her] character would move on.

Same thing with Colin?
SLAVKIN: Colin was always meant to be the ultimate suspect. And his brooding alcoholic [character] tonally didn’t fit the paradigm moving into post-murder mystery Melrose Place.

How did Ashlee and Colin take the news?
SLAVKIN: They’re total professionals and they took it like professionals. When you go into a show you never know what’s going to evolve and what the possibilities are. But because they knew ahead of time [that leaving was a possibility], it wasn’t a complete shock.

OK, so after reading that you say to yourself Ashlee didn't get fired because she is the worst actor short of Tommy Wiseau and instead knew it was coming. So, Ashlee ends up looking good. It also sounds like Colin knew he was going be let go after this arc and that there was nothing poor Slavkin could do about it. Uh huh.

Well, today, E! managed to get a hold of Colin and this is what he told them.

You were initially hired to be an ongoing series regular on Melrose Place, right?
Yes, definitely. I was slated to be in 10 of the 13 first episodes, but I had a multiyear contract.

What happened to change that? How did you learn they weren't going forward with you and your character?
I got the call this morning from our producers, Todd [Slavkin] and Darren [Swimmer]. They were really saddened, and you could tell it was difficult for them to break this news to me. They said it was a network decision, and they said the network thought Auggie was a little too dark, with his alcoholism. They felt like in the landscape of Melrose they wanted to change the tone of the show. So that's the explanation that they gave me.

And this morning was the first you'd heard of it?
They said that it wasn't anything against me or my talent or anything. There was never any discussion that they weren't sure what they were going to do with me or my character. And it wasn't like I was getting in fights with crew members or punching people out.

So, there you have it. The producers lied to the actors, lied to Entertainment Weekly and Michael Ausiello, and then lied again because they told their wives they were working late. I don't know about that last part, but I don't know how you fire the most popular member of your cast. It doesn't matter if you watch the show or not, you don't fire the fan favorite because what few fans you do have will say bye. Dumb, dumb move.


RocketQueen said...

Oh this makes me GLEEful! Back to just being a shrew for you, Asslee.

Feel sorry for the other guy though - I might actually watch this show now that SHE'S gone.

Unknown said...

I wonder which blind items he is referring to.....anyone?

Caroline said...

I'll hire him. I've got the perfect role: my private cabana boy.

Anonymous said...

I really liked Colin on All My Children--hopefully he'll go back to daytime!

John said...

Too bad for both of them. It's true that Ashlee's acting was absolutely atrocious, but her character (Violet) was actually the most interesting character on the show. While Colin Eggesfield, who is pretty likeable, had the unfortunate chance of playing Auggie, the most boring character in new "Melrose Place". But who knows, maybe people might tune in now that Ashlee's gone? The show's actually pretty good, it deserves a second chance.

RocketQueen said...

@preciousredtx - there was a blind about a month ago about a cast that was asked about working with a "certain actress" and the castmember said they all hoped she'd be killed off, and soon, because no one could stand her. I assume that's the one.

Linnea said...

I mean, its pretty obvious that you are lying when you say

a) it was decided long ago
b) they had to let the actors know, and they handled it well.

Unknown said...

@RocketQueen thanks...I am at work and my mind is not working at the moment.

mooshki said...

Woo Hoo that Asslee and her shiteous acting are gone, but Colin was the only decent male eye candy on the show. His character was indeed boring as toast, though.

Thanks for the shout-out to my 'friend' 'Oz,' Enty. I know last time there was an Ausiello blind a lot of people said they didn't like him, but I'm still a huge fan. :)

WBotW said...

This guy Colin may be ridiculously gorgeous to look at but that's it; the actor was just as bad as Ashlee and was one of the reasons I stopped watching. I may give the show another chance now that I know the two shittiest actors are gone.

lutefisk said...

I don't understand what her selling point was that they would have put her on the show to begin with. She has no talent, is not attractive, and just seems like a waste. Does she even still have a fan base?

Syd said...

They are my two least favorite characters, so I'm good with it.

Krissie said...

I'm just glad Ashlee is gone. I can't stand her. She has no talent, and she is a huge hypocrite-when the media made fun of Jessica Simpson for gaining weight, Ashlee made all these comments about how Jessica looked fine and girls should love themselves the way they are and not worry about their looks. Is that why you had a nose job and lost a ton of weight, Ashlee? STFU.

The whole thing is probably moot anyway though, with the bad ratings MP will probably not last a second season.

abigail7881 said...

ashlee was probably only chosen because she had the most well-known name out of the cast. I like collins character, auggie. the character I find boring is the guy engaged to riley, the photographer. see, hes so boring, I can't even think of his name!

incognito said...

Ok, enty, now can you find the truth about House producers firing Jennifer Morrison? THAT's interesting.

Ells said...

I was willing to give Ashlee a chance, but I agree that she was horrible on the show. I like Auggie though. I think the fact that his character had a lot of scenes with Ashlee worked against him. Overall I like the show better each week.

cibele said...

Agree with incognito. Jennifer Morrison being fired was so weird. I'm dying to know the reason.

Unknown said...

Don't watch Melrose Place but I might just give up on cw after what they do to their shows(still bitter over Buffy and they effed with Felicity too). Gossip Girl has turned into a stunt show with stunt casting and stunt writing. The best part of the show Blair's character is doing out of character crap. Like betraying Chuck.. her character is a bitch but is very very very loyal to her friends and loved ones unless they do something to her first. CW should just go away better to not know a show then get attached and be destroyed from their very own network.

Leah said...

Jennifer Morrison was fired? What? Where have I been?


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