Monday, October 19, 2009

Random Photos Part One

Johnny Depp & Keith Richards. Can you think of a better candidate for top photo?
It certainly wasn't going to be Anna Faris who was at Best Of Drag where she had to keep reminding people she really was Anna Faris and not a competitor.
Also there was Mary Louise Parker who went dressed as a man.
I much prefer the way she was dressed yesterday at the AIDS Walk. I have to say that I have a little thing for MLP.
Adrianne Curry tries to get attention however she can. At the NY Comic-Con she dressed as Princess Leia.
Alyson Hanigan and her daughter wearing enough denim to start a cattle drive.
Agina Alvarez - Los Angeles
Britney Spears vacationing in Mexico and apparently back together with her agent.
The women of Celebrity Apprentice. Cyndi Lauper looks great.
Christine Baranski and the one and only Joan Cusack.
Courteney Cox filming her television show. She does look very good in that outfit.
Gavin Rossdale spending some quality father/son time.
The always gorgeous Helen Mirren.
Hilary Swank and her dog.
I love Holland Taylor.
And Jennifer Coolidge. It is a love fest.
I saw the previews for John C. Reilly's new movie Vampire Assistant. Really? I think we have run through the gamut of possible vampire stories now.
In case you ever wanted a freeze frame of a Jon Gosselin kiss.
Julio Iglesias Jr. The entire damn family looks good.
Doesn't it look like Joel Madden has a pair of horns? No hidden meaning, his hair just looks like it.
Miley Cyrus following in Samantha's footsteps?
KISS - Greenville, South Carolina
Smile Lily Cole.
Lourdes and her mother.
Michael Buble - Milan
Matt Damon on the set of his new movie.
I like this look for Megan Fox.
Is Matt Groening a billionaire yet?
All in black are Matt Lanter, AnnaLynne McCord, Lori Loughlin and Trevor Donovan.
Now that GI Joe crashed and burned, Rachel Nichols has been much more friendly and down to earth again. I hope it continues.
Sarah Michelle Gellar one month after her baby was born.
Teri Hatcher looks like she was hitting the booze before the red carpet.
ZZ Top - Belgrade


Karmen said...

Seriously, we need to stop with all these damn vampire movies and shows. I hated vampires before Twilight, and now I'm just going insane with the stupid vampire crap overload. Gah!

RocketQueen said...

Agina. Ouch - that's an unfortunate name.

Holy crap Julio Jr! I'll take two!

I can't believe how quickly Sarah Michelle G lost that weight.

I think what you like about Megan in this pic, Enty, is that she finally has her damn mouth shut for once.

Lourdes kinda looks like Jessica Alba in this pic?

Love Christine B., Holland and of course Helen. Ageless beauty and class.

Karmen said...

Forgot to mention how awesome the Top Photo was.

Anonymous said...

Johnny definitely needs to play Keith in a movie.

2nding RocketQueen's "ouch" for Agina.

Christine and Joan would've been top photo for me.

I wouldn't mind helping Julio Jr out of those leather pants.

SMG looks good for 1 mo post-birth.

MnGddess said...

Joan should have been top photo!! Do you know, Enty, that we have exactly the same birthday? Same day, same year. I have always wondered who's older......maybe some day I'll meet her and ask.

I seriously think SMG didn't gain any weight during her pregnancy. Poor baby.

Lourdes is absolutely adorable, IMO.

blog hopper said...

I can name about 3 of the ladies in the next "Celebrity" Apprentice. Is it just me?

Love Jennifer Coolidge!!

B626 said...

holland taylor should have got the top spot-seniority!

i really relate to joan cusack not being able to get that drink of water in 16 candles

anna faris is great in comedy roles
now she wantsto be a beauty queen?

BigMama said...

I think the woman NEXT to SMG had the baby....just saying.

Love me some Johnny.

I wonder how long before Lordes is pimped out as an actress or singer? I hope she skips the Hilton School Of Instant Fame Whoring.

figgy said...

Julio Jr is by far the best-looking of the family, wow!

LOVE Jennifer Coolidge!!

ardleighstreet said...

Love the Johnny/Keith photo.

Holland Taylor is awesome.

I'd rather have a freeze frame of the horse dumping Jon G. out on his ass.

The world must be coming to an end. Megan Fox has her mouth shut!

Tara said...

Yep, I thought that was Jessica Alba with Madonna. Weird.

Joan Cusack should definitely have the top spot. No offense to JD, but Joan is AMAZING! Love her and J. Coolidge!

Helen Mirren looks gorgeous, as always.

How the hell do these women look so good after having a baby? I understand that it's easiest after the first, but WOW...I'm still trying to lose weight from my son (my 4th) and it's been 15 months. LOL.

califblondy said...

Please tell me Holland isn't sporting the Kate Gosselin porcupine ass hair.

Who are the two females on the left in the Apprentice picture. Sharon Osborne will kick some ass for sure.

OMG, I love Jennifer Coolidge. I wished she would have left her face alone though.

Iglesias, Jr., was awesome in the superstars show. He's very athletic and competitive.

Sinjin said...

Keef is still better looking than his daughters, lol. Great pic Enty.

Agina, wow, that's unfortunate. Poor girl, shoulda changed it. Can you imagine the torture in jr. high and high school?!

Can't handle anything Cyrus. BLAH!

Katy said...

Was Teri Hatcher revealed as the answer to BI about a woman who drunkenly crashed 3 cars in one day?

libby said...

I don't think Lourdes will have to be 'pimped out.' Madonna has mentioned a few times, that Lourdes got her mother's drive and love of the spotlight. Madonna is worried for her. If you noticed, it took Madge FOREVER to allow L to get her very, very bushy eyebrows done. If M cared to pimp out her daughter, L would probably dress like Ali Lohan by now.

MizCaramel said...

I never noticed this before but its as though all the pictures are shown in alphabetical order by star name then not then he resumes the order???

MoodyBlueEyes said...

Love Johnny and Keef, great top photo!

Mmmmm, Julio Jr is the hotness!

Wow - I also thought Lourdes was Jessica Alba!

lanasyogamama said...

I love Gwen Stefani, but I think it's kind of weird that they bleach Kingston's hair. If they had a daughter people would be super outraged by that.

Unknown said...

Pretty sure Agina's name is pronounced "Ah-Heena"

Ya know, the Latin pronunciation.

Ms Cool said...

"Can you think of a better candidate for top photo?"

Um, yeah. That would be Daniel Craig sans Hugh and mustache.

Dick Insideu said...

You stupid motherfucker, Ent. Why in the fuck did you have to mention Parasite Hilton? Just when I thought that she had been effectively buried by the media, you have to be a jackass and start talking about her again.

Ent, I will make you a goddamn deal. Stop talking about Herpes Hilton and I will stop posting rude comments on your site. If we all ignore the Valtrex Vagina, it will slither away.

You dumbass cocksucker.

TheGoldenSockPuppet said...

I think the guy above me is Perez Hilton.

Anyway, I saw BritBrit's pics on egotastic and she looks great, her body is really back in nice shape considering the kids and all.

But, one disturbing thing I noticed is a small round band aid on the inside of her wrist. Like where and IV would be inserted. That's a little strange.

Monalicious said...


I can't wait!!! I will see them on Dec 6th in Dalls!!!

gay tallywacker said...

Well hello Junior!

Ice Angel said...

Cindy does look great. I saw her live recently and she looked beautiful and has an incredible voice. I was actually pretty surprised!

Lourdes is gorgeous. YIKES! Here we go!

Johnny would be great as KR.

ZZ Top-funny story-when my girlfriends and I were hot teenagers, we had a pact that every time the song Legs would come on the radio in the car, we would stop the car, get out and dance around the car all sexylike. We got lots of attention doing that! It would be funny to see us doing that these days (not quite so sexy-we'd probably be arrested!)

mooshki said...

Man, can you imagine how much fun it would be to hang out with Christine Baranski and Joan Cusack? Preferably with a fair amount of booze involved.

Jon Gosselin is the new Verne Troyer for me. Puke!

I have done a 180 and now I love AnnaLynne McCord, but I really hope she doesn't go too far down the 'party girl' track. We already have one too many Lindsay Lohans.

SMG had her baby? Where was I?

Tara, it's called 'having a personal trainer and dietician.'

Julie said...

WOW, I missed SMG having the kid too. What did they name it?

Julie said...

Oh, Charlotte Grace. I'm impressed its nothing too crazy. =D


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